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F1 Live Coverage on Spreaker Web Radio

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Ron Squire, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone

    Since the British Grand Prix this year i have covered (most) of the Race on a Podcast Sharing site (or a site where you can be your own Radio DJ) called Spreaker Web Radio


    and i have kept it low profile until now because from now i am sharing my podcasts live on RaceDepartment every race weekend from now (starting with the Belgian GP)

    However since i am a Free user on the site i am only allowed to Broadcast 30 minutes each (So it will be like ITV but without the Adverts)

    Everytime when a Stream is live i will post a link on here so you guys can listen in

    Just thought i want to share this with you, just incase you like it

    Thanks for Reading

    Ron Squire
    Spreaker Web Radio Presenter
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  2. Surprisingly Ron, I think 100% of people prefer to watch or listen to the race with actual commentary rather than some Welshman with poor commentary skills and poor audio quality.
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  3. and your social skills are going lower and lower
  4. Qualifying for the Belgian GP will start in a couple of hours or so

    Link will be up soon
  5. Haaaa they all go out, nearly all of them came back in!
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  6. race stream on in about 17 minutes or so
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