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F1 hates U.S.A.

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Austin Jordan, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. well here's a big topic. many things i find that f1 does that makes sure no americans can show in f1. one reason is usf1. usf1 withdrwed from f1 before the start of the season and f1 did not accept it and banned and fined them. Basically f1 did not want americans to come back. f1 does not come to america even though we have the most tracks than any nation in the world. f1 should come here because racing is huge in america and would be big if we can race here but f1 didn't wanna come here because they said they couldn't find a track to race at. yeah right. another thing f1 scouts don't come to america or come to a american driver. must be a secret rule in f1 because fia thinks euros are more superior then our drivers. my opinion america has drivers as good and even better than euros. also an american company sponsors f1 and started f1 but fia does give them anything in return years later.
    what i think it is is around the time of foyt and andretti we just dominated f1 and fia didn't like us dominating so they secretly knocked us out with no one knowing.
    what do you guys think. should americans have a bigger shot of making the league then what we have now or should we just forget about f1. what i thought of was using f1 cars and racing and american tracls with american and canadian drivers. everyone else can forget coming in the league.
  2. USF1 were fined due to false promises. USF1 continued to make promises of budget which didn't exist and in the end they pulled out which meant the void they left couldn't be filled in time by a team with the funds and foundations e.g Serbia GP.
    To say F1 hates US is bold. FOTA and FOM realise the importance of a US GP and it's going to happen with the possibility of 2. As for the driver aspect although we haven't seen American drivers, with the exception of Scott speed we have seen drivers who have used the us as a stepping stone to F1 Villeneuve and Montoya are the first that come to mind. The biggest thing is that F1 is a very much European sport. All the teams are based in Britain with the exception of Ferrari and Sauber and because of this it's only natural that teams look in Europe for the next best driver, coupled with the fact that all the feeder/support series for F1 are mostly based in Europe it's logical drivers are used from these as there already in the F1 infrastructure. So to top it off I wouldn't say F1 hates US I'd say that it hasn't quite found a niche yet to accommodate the us structure.
  3. Frankly Austin I think you're brainless. The time of Foyt and Andretti 'you ruled F1'. Erm, OK - Foyt ran in just three F1 races when the Indy 500 counted and he scored 0 points. Andretti won his title in a British car with a British engine and a British designer, bloody good driver mind. And then the FIA 'knocked you out' because you were dominating. Riiiiight. And then dragging in World War 2 ridiculous BS..... why does that matter in this context? Jeez - killing two million Japanese in one day is something to be proud of huh?

    There's a new track being built in Texas for 2012 and Bernie wants another in Jersey. Not exactly hating USA that is it - everyone in F1 knows the market importance of USA.

    You want an American league with American drivers in F1 type cars. Erm - IndyCars? Oh, wait - and the American drivers are so good even that's dominated by two Aussies, a Kiwi, a Scot and two Brazilians..... If Americans can't 'dominate' their 'own' league they how the hell do you expect them to dominate F1? F1 teams have nothing against American drivers - all they want is someone fast - and remember American drivers also have English as their mother tongue which is a huge bonus - the language barrier has hampered many a guy's career - Marco Andretti tested for Honda a few years back. American drivers are just not good enough, or they are and they choose to drive NASCAR, simple as.

    Absolute drivel.
  4. "if it wasn't for us germany would have comlete control."

    I sure hope this is your opinion and not the US opinion. As I recall there is no "I" in team.
  5. Whoa. It took me so long to try and decypher that!

    I think Ryan has pretty much hit it on the head though with what I was gonna say...

    Including the part about drivel! Sorry mate, but I can't see where any of your claims are 100% backed up with fact.
  6. Hum,hum... It is presumptuous to think this (and its opposite too).
    But, for example, Bourdais dominated the Champ Car (which is not the smallest American league formula) and did not shine in F1 (plus he is not American;)). I think the driving level formula Americans is far from what it was, that's all. After that, in F1 it's the money's rules (not the Germans: p), see what happens with the French drivers who have run well beyond the level but the teams are choosing based sponsors to bring ( Grosjean, Montagny ...)
  7. yeah you guys are right. but the way i think of it f1 has the best technology for a series, best drivers, best track, and biggest honors but america just doesn't come in. indy car is similar but it mostly runs the ovals and not road courses. but lets think of how these guys got here. danica patrick started racing karts then went to europe and raced there and got into indycar. Scott speed went to europe to race. really when you look at indy car almost everyone is not from america. kanaan, dixon, briscoe, and castroneves all aren't american. but i guess its because americans don't try to come here. they either run nascar or indy. but in karting you can see that karters are getting better and better. so really i think in the future we will see some americans jump into f1 and do great. just right now i don't see it. probably you guys are right, americans just aren't good enough but really we could still come in. just have to see.
  8. Watch out with these lines because i dont think you speak for rest of the US guys.
    Perfect example why US is so much hated over the world. Arrogance is the word.
    Dont want to start a politcal debate. But is disrespectful to the many other soldiers (from various countries) and Resistance who fought for freedom.
  9. And don't forget it was Russia who stormed Berlin...... The big turning point in the war was not necessarily America's involvement - but the decision of Hitler to stop attacking Britain, instead of finishing us off, and going for Russia prematurely. It was a huge tactical mistake. Britain was able to regroup, the US got involved and Russia starved the German frontline.
  10. I hope you're right and that the standard of Americans in formula will increase. But the law in F1 is money ... money ... money ... and finally the talent. I fear that when the new generation of Americans pilots come, this is not the fastest will go in F1 but the most sponsored. It takes a strong federation to get his drivers in F1, England do it, also Germany and Japan with help of these engine manifacturer. Except talentuous drivers like Alonso, Weber, Kubica... or to interest like Petrov for Renault for her bizness in Russia.
    Wait and see, i hope that will change ;)
  11. Quite right Ryan but probably the most other single 'turning point' frankly was the battle of britain, in many ways the R.A.F. (consisting of many european and even some american pilots) held the Nazi's off. It was this lack of progress that led Hitler to his huge blunder of turning to the east. I do think that it is wrong and disrespectful as Ivo said to give credit to any one of the combatants. The evil was held at bay and then defeated by a great many people and nations and even some Germans themselves who took many grave risks to undermine the nazi war effort
  12. thats why we gave up trying to assainate Hitler, imagine how good there armys would be with a sane leader lol
  13. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium

    Gents - let's try an keep this one on topic please, otherwise we'll have to close it down.

    We've strayed into a very, very delicate and prickly area, admittedly starting with the comment in the O.P.

    Let's try and keep it motorsport related if possible, yeah?
  14. i'll put it this way: we are idiots. not saying everyone as we have very smart people but politicaly we have a bad government that just care about themselves and their money. now didn't want to start a polictical thing so i'll take that out. i will say this which takes some guts: we have created many problems all over the world. oil spill in the gulf for ex. it's been almost 3 months and it's still flowing and the carelessness to get it out is terrible. wish i could speak for america but can say i am sorry for the things we've done. sometimes i wish i was president because of the things we've done completly stupid. in that line i got it from my dad and guess that really ticks people off.
  15. took that line out so no more political stuff.
  17. haha yeah you never know. idk if nascar as autos or not. they were talking about it at their road course race. idy car i know uses paddle shifters in road courses.
  18. An automatic car won exactly 1 NASCAR race, in the late '50's I believe.

    The following is my opinion only:
    Most American drivers go NASCAR or, on occasion, Sports Car racing for two reasons: A) Thats where the development structure here is - there are oval tracks everywhere, and sports car tracks spotted about (even 'open wheel' runs on dirt ovals) and B) That's where the money is (at least, here). Just my opinion, and I am not a JG fan, but he may have had a chance to be really good if he would have stayed open wheel. Stewart is also an excellent all-round driver, but I don't think you could have wedged him into an F1 car.

    American open wheel still hasn't recovered from the CART/Indy split, and may never. However, if you have never seen an Indycar race at Texas Speedway - those cars dancing at 230 mph in a pack is incredible.

    I really like F1, but find most of the excitement (with exceptions here and there) tends to come on Saturday.

    75% of NASCAR races are really boring (pretty much anything on a 1-1/2 or 2 mile track - strong tendency to fall asleep during those), but you can't beat 60 passes for the lead at Talledega, or anything at Bristol. (say what you want about turning left, but try doing it 1000 times with cars within 1 ft on all sides.)

    To go back to the thread title, I'm pretty sure Bernie would love to build a US fan base, and would have been a top supporter of USF1 if they would have had their act together ($$ to be made) - but surely any 'dislike' of the US by F1 is only returned by the general US population as a dislike of F1 - we want our overtaking, even if it is all turning left.

    (Now, if someone would just combine LMS, ALMS, and Grand-Am, then we would have something!)
  19. Eric has put it great why actually F1 don't really shine in the US
    yes if not mistaken in NASCAR drivers gets much more money than F1, especially in sponsor deals etc, just watch a commercial break during the race and you will understand. And as much people don't like to say that, F1 is more a train parade than ever. And Americans love excitement on track, so all those left turns does help more in something: passing. Even on a road course there is more passing than in F1, especially with all those passing rules that F1 has that kills it.

    I do think America has the driver talents, Jeff Gordon proved that once in the F1/NASCAR swap with Juan Pablo and by only being 1 sec slower in that car to Juan (faster than the test driver who has been fighting to get up to speed) and the current tallents I think are Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Bush (but like said, they most likely will stay in NASCAR)
    I think in order to F1 really works on US side, I think there are some things that needs to be changed or else it will still not generate enough interest (teams, drivers and fans alike).
  20. NASCAR allows for alot of 1 off drives. For example Jacques Villeneuve is trying to find a 1 off seat in NASCAR to help bring sponsors for his F1 return.
    I think if F1 did something similar then you would probably see the likes of Jimmie Johnson even Whincup from Ausie V8's try there hand at F1.
    But it would be hard to implement