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F1 fun... wow...

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. I had gotten in my first "race" in the F1 fun stuff. Geez holy cow that is something to be seen and do. At least it doesn't hurt ya... hehehe

    I was running after Mac Attkission who was of course in first and I had 2nd for about 5 laps or so into the 15 total. Then I made the mistake of getting on the gas a bit too early in the hairpin just enough to tap the wall and mess up the steering. So he and I were chasing each other around with William in a practice and I managed to get my time down a full second to 1:17.6 talk about "use the force Luke"... Having skill is one thing, making that car go that fast and sticking is another story all together! You have about a 1000ths of a second to make the call to turn in and if you miss it's game over...hahaha VERY COOL STUFF!
  2. Kind of makes you appreciate how good the real life F1 drivers are, even the ones at the back of the grid! Hair raising stuff.
  3. NO kidding! Now imagine doing that for a couple of hours at that speed with the G forces pounding you as well. Then add the heat, rain, or other elements on top of that. It's no wonder the real drivers are ROCKSTARS!
  4. At first I used to wonder why these drivers earn so much money.

    Now I know why lol :D
  5. Yep, if I'm not mistaken and nothing has changed F1 drivers are the highest paid athlete's in the world for any sport.