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f1 executabel stop working

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by ramvens, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. hey i cant play the game enymore. the file executabel stop working.. what can i do to stop this problem. i have reinstall the game but that did'nt help.

    sorry for my bad english

  2. Is it a Steam installation of the game? If so, try 'verify integrity of game cache'. this should restore your install.

    If there is anymore information you can provide, it might help. Is there a chance a mod is messing things up?
  3. it is not a steam installation. I have try to reinstall the game but i still have the problem. i start after i install a cam mod in the game. can i be my videocard? or a driver?
  4. Consider anything you changed in between the game working and it not working. Windows updates, driver updates etc and roll them back or remove them.
    Not sure if modified files in your F1 install remain on a re-install, but camera mods have been known to cause some problems.
    Also consider uninstalling GFWL and reinstalling, as ive heard this can cause problems with F1 crashing/not starting too.

    HAve a search on this forum using keywords - there have been a lot of 'excutable stopped working' threads before I think.
  5. Hello ,I had a similar issue and i tried hard to restore it but no use.In the end i had to Reinstall my windows again.Guess what it works again.what happened is that i shut the game down with out saving it and that probably crashes the game.
  6. Try update your graphic card drivers. It worked for me :)