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F1 - European Grand Prix Results

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Omer Said, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    We have always seen exciting races since the start of 2011 Formula 1 season. DRS, KERS and Pirelli have served us some delicious F1 for this year. But today the Valencia Street Circuit knocked out those three fun-factors.

    Last three years, we have never seen a great race in Valencia. Only thrill we can remember from this track must be the spectacular crash of Mark Webber who got airborne at last year's race after he hit Heikki Kovalainen's back. This trend of rather-dull races continued today aswell.


    Pole-sitter Sebastian Vettel had a good start and kept his position. Mark Webber followed the championship leader, while Felipe Massa had a head start and climbed to 3rd, until the first turn where he had to yield to his team-mate Fernando Alonso. McLarens were the losers of the start as Lewis Hamilton descended to 5th, and Jenson Button was overtaken by Nico Rosberg.
    Then as we all expected it was Vettel alone but happily in the lead. But Webber was not in a good mood as the home racer Alonso's Ferrari nose was into his exhaust. In Lap 21, Alonso opened his rear wing and overtook the Australian. But Spaniard's victory lasted for a little time when he pitted one lap later than Webber at the 2nd stops.

    So Webber took second place again, but Alonso's threat was still present. After Webber pitted and took the medium tyres, he lost his pace. This gave Alonso enough advantage before his last pit-stop. So in the end he took the 2nd place, while Webber had also fought against a gearbox problem at the last laps.

    Massa's 4th position vanished when he pitted later than Hamilton. With his fresh tires Hamilton had some fast lap times before the Brazilian's pit-stop, and eventually he finished 4th.
    euro2.jpg Button finished in a lonely 6th place with Rosberg coming in in 7th. In the 8th place, the local hero Jaime Alguersuari. He started in 18th position, but with a 2-stops strategy and perfect driving he climbed to 8th in the end. Adrian Sutil put some pressure on the Spaniard at the last laps, but Valencia's tight layout did not let any overtaking to happen.

    euro3.jpg The last point went to Renault's Nick Heidfeld. Michael Schumacher had a disappointing race after he hit Vitaly Petrov and broke his front wing. Sauber's Kamui Kobayashi ended his point streak and finished in 16th place. While his team-mate Sergio Perez gained an advantage with his 1 stop strategy and finished 11th.
  2. Easily the most boring race of the season. They need to get rid of this track off the calendar. A few ideas off the top of my head would be to have both Nurburgring and Hockenheim and call one the European GP like it was or why not go back to Magny Cours? Imola is also another. There was talk of the A1 ring too. So many choices. :\
  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I think the drivers will hate you if they pick Magny Cours :) Its a great track but lacks all the atmosphere of a jetset F1 event. There is absolutely nothing to be seen there ;)
  4. I think I would take all the hate just to get rid of this track :tongue:
  5. Got to agree with Omer, bit of a boring race; it was better than last years but compared to the rest of the 2011 season there was the least action here. Very happy to see Alonso made it to 2nd place, Button's pass on Rosberg was pretty sweet too. If Austin makes it for 2012 they should just go there after Canada and skip Valencia. I also like Chris' idea of replacing Valencia with Hockenheim.