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F1 cockpit build suggestions..

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Michael Sandee, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. After years of struggling with a pad and a wheel mounted on a desk, I finally decided to make my own F1 cockpit.
    I have a few ideas on how to start but I would like to know if there is anybody here who has done something like this before ? My main goal is to make a cockpit that starts from where the fish-bones go into the nose down to the air-intake. I might make the side-pods as well but I will make up my mind when it gets to that point.
    Any input is appreciated and some suggestions on what kind of a wheel I should use.

    This is what I have in mind, the specs are from 2009.


    I will keep this thread updated as soon as there are updates of course.
  2. Bodnar wheel, with a proper F1 rim on it, definitely.
    A set of proper pedals, either a real set or a purpose built simracing set, like this one:

    For any serious input, budget would be good info to have ;)
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  3. I think it's gonna depend on the wheel and pedals cause the materials for the build can be kept fairly cheap. But I would say between a 1000 to a 1500 dollar.
  4. Hmm, with 'limited' budget maybe a T500 with the F1 rim might be an option :)
  5. @ Roadster-2 and PahaMaku Thanks for the sites they will come in handy.

    @ William I looked at the Bodnar wheel but they are a bit too much it has to stay within the acceptable factor. So I might go with a T500 and the F1 rim but I am going to build it into the cockpit so you won't see the plastic cover.
    Or maybe one of the members has something for sale ?
  6. I've got a T500 with a modded F1 rim for sale :)

  7. @Anthony Levene

    No mate can't do your 660 little sterling equals my big 992 dollars it's a bit too much.
    I would do it cause I really like what modmate's did if I had the money, I just don't like it that they put on a my little pony on the wheel. Maybe I can mod it myself we will see.
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