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F1 car paintings!

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Tamas Vargyasi, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Hi all!

    I make car paints for our F1 league, using the FSR mod, and I would like to share some of my car paintings in term to get some feedback from a wider variety of users involved in simulator life. I hope all feedback that I get, it going to be helpful for me in the future. Any comments are welcomed, and let`s share ideas!

    Team name: Point Team
    Template: Brawn GP

    01 PT.jpg 02 PT.jpg 03 PT.jpg

    ...more to come!
  2. Tamas , are you painting helmts aswell ? I do need a helmet for FSR :) If you are painting helmets answer here or send me pm ... Thanks

    Milan Radivojevic
  3. Great paintings Tamas :)
  4. I paint helmets to, but as a family guy I have time difficulties. Rather I say NO, instead of promising something and can`t finish the job after all.
  5. Thank you Bozhidar, I`ll post some other paintings later, too.:thumbsup:
  6. Can you post our cars?
  7. Hi James, sure I can. I planned to post your car too, because I made a derivation from your painting, but to a Ferrari template and other color combination. I seek for pics and I`ll upload them.
  8. Okay, thanks, by the way the cars work perfectly added them to rfactor and they work fine. Many thanks.
  9. Here is some of James car, who started in WT under the team name of
    template used - RedBull wide nose​
    NR 08.jpg NR 09.jpg NR 10.jpg

    Soon, I upload the derived painting of the above painting on Ferrari template.
  10. Great skin :) btw
    Is this league Joinable ?
  11. No Bozhidar, and sorry for that, but this league is based on our region that we live. Basically all the drivers are from a single city.
  12. Tamas you got a PM..
  13. So here is the derived painting from above, adopted somehow on a Ferrari template with some other graphic elements. Don`t let the team name to confuse you, it has nothing to do with the game.

    Team name: Angry Birds
    Template: Ferrari

    04 AB.jpg 05 AB.jpg 06 AB.jpg

    ...more to come soon.
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  14. Oh no problem :) but Is that Region/Country Croatia ? I am from Bulgaria though ...
  15. Nope, it`s Saint George city, Romania.
  16. Here is another set of paintings made by me.

    Team name: Star Racing Team
    Template: Brawn GP

    07 SRT.jpg 08 SRT.jpg 09 SRT.jpg

    ...more to come.


    *is there anyone who make paintings? Feel free to share yours too, and share ideas.
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  17. Cool stuff, Tamas :)
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  18. Thank you David!
  19. Another outsnading work ! :)
  20. Thank you Bozhidar, stay tuned for more paintings.