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F1 2017 line-up predictions

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by FergalVET, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. Mercedes - Hamilton and Verstappen

    Ferrari - Vettel and Grosjean

    Red Bull - Share thoughts on their future?

    Williams - Rosberg and Bottas

  2. Brian McManus

    Brian McManus
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    Rosberg has a deal with mercedes until 2017
    Grosjean has a deal with haas
    Both redbull driver confirmed for 2016,
    Both williams drivers are confirmed.
    Kimi has another one year deal with ferrari.

    The only differences i think will be at manor and sauber.
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  3. Read the title again: "
  4. F1 2017 Line-up predctions

    Mercedes - Hamilton and Rosberg
    Ferrari - Vettel and Raikkonen
    Red Bull Racing (Ilmor/Renault) - Ricciardo and Verstappen *
    Williams Mercedes - Massa and Bottas
    McLaren Honda - Alonso and Vandoorne
    Force India Mercedes - Perez and Hulkenberg
    Renault - Palmer and Kvyatt
    Scuderia Torro Rosso (Ilmor/Renault) - Sainz and Gasly *
    Sauber Ferrari - Ericsson and Nasr
    Manor Mercedes - Maldonado and Magnussen
    Haas Ferrari - Gutierrez and Grosjean

    * So now you ask me why do you say Ilmor/Renault ??, well if RBR want to be competitive they need an independent engine or they need to make one since none of the current suppliers is going to give them their best material. Currently there are a lot of rumors going that Renault will only deliver the ICE and RB/Imor >> Mario Illien is going to develop the Hybrid systems by themselves. For 2016 the engines will be most likely branded Infinity, but I also believe that this is not just to cover 2016 but to be their base for the remainder of the current engine format till 20/21. Anyone putting doubts on this story, ask yourself the question why did RB bought a super advance engine testing bench from which experts say that only engine manufactures are having them and you only want one if you are going to build an engine. Right! Mario Illien has a nice new toy to play with.:D
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