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Misc F1 2016 Ultrasoft Tyre 2016-01-08

Ultrasoft Compound

  1. game keeps crashing
  2. hmm I test it but nothing happend. At wich track crash the game? , when crash the game (on track or while loding)? , are you using other mods or did you unpack it in a clean F1 2014 folder.
  3. clean version of 2014 and I was testing it at Monaco
  4. Ok I drove 20 Laps on the Ultrasoft in Monaco in the dry and nothing happends. Its hard to find out what it is at the mokment sorry but i will keep testing a bit.
  5. do you have more grip with the ultrasoft tyres?
  6. Cool ein Deutscher mod ;)
  7. Hello! This is an add-on? or this mod changes default supersoft tires??