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Misc F1 2016 Tarmac-FFB 2016-10-09

adding more tarmac ffb/roadfeel for Wheels

  1. JayJayRaceinho submitted a new resource:

    F1 2016 Tarmac-FFB - adding more tarmac/roadfeel for Wheels

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  2. Hello, I had a look at the ffb file myself but couldn't make sense of it, an idea for a good mod is a small vibration when you change gear? It was a mod on F1 2014 so I imagine its possible? Nice work! :thumbsup:
  3. i am aware of those old ffb files from the past F1 games, but CM made a complete new FFB setup. The old 'effectssetup.xml' where every FFB is easily tagged with its name is unfortunately gone on F1 2016.

    Most is crypted stuff which makes the task a bit complicated.
  4. hey do you know how i can get the xml file repacked into the erp container?
    i want test some ffb settings as ive been looking into the xml file in detail and i think im figuring some stuff.
  5. Nice mod - thanks, shame you couldn't get the understeer/braking one working but I understand why.
  6. Well, don't get your hopes up with the brake&understeer effect to be fixed by CM - the default FFB allready shows how uninterested Codemasters are in spending manpower and $ in a modern FFB-Engine. It's probably just a tiny tiny bug, but yeah, even tiny tiny bugs can be a complicated task :D

    But if it gets fixed with a patch, i'll re-upload it again ofc.
  7. it is retarded, the ffb config is retarded.
    i completely get your issue as we only get right side forces if we enable the slip effects.
    i dont know why codies have broken disabled effects in their files and looks like they're not going to bother fixing it.
    if i understood it right looks like the slip effects read the "wave tables" that are labeled after the plugin values.
    so slip values only have x,y coordinates. assuming they're coordinates with a 0 value then we have no negative values(left side loads?). at least im assuming this in my ignorance as why we only have "right side ffb effects".
  8. ...the wave tablets are there to smooth out the effect. The coordinates represent the curve when the effects apply and how strong the effects apply. little kinda funny, the Rear-Slip Ratio is working, so i assume they simply forgot to apply the right coordinates responsible for the wheel direction to the brake and understeer effects. So, it's nothing, which isn't allready in the game which allready does it's job properly.

    Something like _y- and _y+ which mostly represents Wheel Direction values...and CM has probably just _y- and again _y- for brake&understeer :whistling:
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2016