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Misc F1 2016 Tarmac-FFB 2016-10-09

adding more tarmac ffb/roadfeel for Wheels

  1. JayJayRaceinho submitted a new resource:

    F1 2016 Tarmac-FFB - adding more tarmac/roadfeel for Wheels

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  2. Hello, I had a look at the ffb file myself but couldn't make sense of it, an idea for a good mod is a small vibration when you change gear? It was a mod on F1 2014 so I imagine its possible? Nice work! :thumbsup:
  3. i am aware of those old ffb files from the past F1 games, but CM made a complete new FFB setup. The old 'effectssetup.xml' where every FFB is easily tagged with its name is unfortunately gone on F1 2016.

    Most is crypted stuff which makes the task a bit complicated.
  4. hey do you know how i can get the xml file repacked into the erp container?
    i want test some ffb settings as ive been looking into the xml file in detail and i think im figuring some stuff.