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Misc F1 2016 Spa Francorchamps Billboard Mod 1.3 (21.09.2016)

F1 2016 Spa Billboard Mod

  1. Gaspedal submitted a new resource:

    F1 2016 Spa Francorchamps Billboard Mod by Gaspedal - F1 2016 Spa Mod

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  2. awesome, adds to the realism. will download tonight
  3. awsome mod mate keep up the great work! quick question where is the file for the f1 2016 career mode helmet as i'd like to edit the helmet
  4. thanks guys!
    Not tested, but for career mode helmets you have to looking in asset files in Directory as example for Ferrari: "character Package/drivers/male/2016-ferrari_career_ferrari" -> career_ferrari_helmet*.mipmaps. You must then extract the files.
  5. thanks so much that helps alot!
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  6. SimboWales

    Premium Member

    Thank you for your hard work,most appreciated.

  7. Hello how can i extract MIPMAPS??
  8. realitychecked


    You find a razor and open them.
  9. Thanks!! (Volgens mij ben je een NLder of Belg, vraagje kan je ook het publiek aanpassen? namelijk meer oranje getint, en max verstappen vlaggen?) lol..
  10. Hello Guys!, I'll Update this Mod in a few day because codemasters has updated track & Ai data files and now the mod will be removed after F1 2016 Update. You can use this mod but you would have old track & ai data again. :)