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Misc F1 2016 Performance 1.0

Performance 2016 ultra

  1. Can You Make More Grip Pls ?
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  2. yes it is possible but artificial intelligence will not be fast enough so much difference, too complex bug
  3. Ok Do It Pls :)
  4. You are so bad that you want more grip than the AI to win all the races? Sad.:(
  5. afther this mode my game not saving more, whay ? can you help my ? pls
  6. Typical.:rolleyes:
  7. Whay Game Not Saving More Afther This Mode ?
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  8. First off all thanks great mod. However, career progress does not save. It will progress as long as you have game active. If exit to desktop and start again the progress is gone. I know this mod is not be used online but I am describing what happens, so that nobody says that mod does not work. Time trial time is not uploaded and will not get registered. Multiplayer lobby will not let you join any session prompty message you have been kicked for cheating.
    Career progress save should be fixed. Thats all
  9. yes I am trying to find the problem of backup sorry
  10. Ok let's Test
  11. No! Carrier Progress Not Saving. Fix The Carrier Save Problem Pls. I Want This Mod.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2016
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  12. Relax man, behave yourself, you do realize he is making mods for free stopping giving orders, he is trying the best he can. As with any mod there are bugs which sometimes takes time to iron out. Also I dont think its the mod, its the way the game works, codemasters may have put something into the game which stops saving if the game detects some modified values or files.
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  13. mode offlline !!!!!
  14. mode offline. Can you elaborate
  15. Hello. Which programs you used to edit the files could tell me?
  16. Ego ERP Archiver
  17. Are you going to release updated version with saving fix. Or you are working on something else just wanted to know cause the mod is amazing really would have liked updated one where it does save.