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Seasons F1 2016 part 1 1.0


  1. Thang Nguyen submitted a new resource:

    F1 2016 MOD PART 1 - PART 1

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  2. drivers still from 2013 . all of them. Installed all 4 parts.
  3. I'll see that later because I'm too busy these days
  4. Don't copy the characters folder into the tracks folder!
    Copy it into your F1 2013 game folder
    My fault:p
  5. hello, very good mod, but I have a little problem, I am Spanish and I can only play in English, you tell me what program do serve to translate the .lng file to work correctly in Spanish, and so to translate it myself
  6. I'm sorry that I don't really know much Spanish, so you can use the language file editor to translate form English to Spanish. Then you change the language into Spanish! Good luck!
    PS: In Baku the AIs are too slow. That's the issue
  7. I have an existing career in Baku
  8. There is a bug on Baku. I'll have to delete this season to make a new one. Keep waiting!!!
  9. Since my mods weren't deleted, I'll wait until it has 500+ downloads then update it
  10. Solution to the non-sponsored Estoril and Imola tracks: paste the tracks' folders then rename the pack_2 folder in 'download' one
  11. Since the 2016 season has finished, I intend to make the 2017 mod. Keep waiting!