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F1 2016 must haves

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by animal 690, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. For me F1 2016 must haves are
    1. Safety Car
    2. Realistic damage
    3. Realistic AI
    4. Pit lane limiter button option
    5. Car to pit wall
    6. Sharp graphics
    Over the years Codemasters have brought F1 back with some flaws but if they had kept some key features in and developed the game further it could have been the best of the best.
    Last year they did do more patches and listen to some of the comments made.
    I wish we could have a beta test on line where we all give feedback and help the developers with little flaws that have bugged the game.
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  2. and mechanical failures plz
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  3. updated track models, not the same ones they use since 2010
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  4. Career mode please
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  5. I hope there'll be a warm up lap before the start.
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  6. - revamped and in-depth career mode
    - safety car
    - watchable sessions with timing OSD in full screen with TV cameras (not only onboard like in F1 2015)
    - commentary during the races
    - AI drivers change teams in career mode after each season (for example Verstappen goes from Toro Rosso to Williams and Felipe Massa to Renault etc.)
    - better handling of the car (like in F1 2014)

    would love to be able to create my own team/car/design and drive for!!
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  7. Absolutely agree!!!
    Car handling in F1 2015 is much worse than F1 2014 because there is no steering aid.
    For now I preferred play F1 2014 altough I have the F1 2015 game.
    So I hope in F1 2016 Codemaster can revised that point.

    Another features that I want in F1 2016:
    - Manual pit limiter that player have to activate, so there will be a possibility for "speeding in the pit lane" penalty.
    - Reconnaisance lap from the garage to the grid for the race day.
    - Warm-up lap before the race start.
    - Bring back tyre grip level like that in F1 2014, in F1 2015 on wet condition, very difficult to drive the car.
    - Victory lap after chequered flag until the car parked in the parc ferme.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2016
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  8. Good fanatec v2 base and v3 pedal support
    GOOD ffb like in dirt rally !! and plz do early acces also !!!
    fps bug gone
    vsync bug gone
    good triple support
    good engine with 0 bugs
    good ai
    good multyplayer with playeble sessions with fair racers
    Co op with friends !!!!!!!
    carreer alone or with friends to !!!!!!
    and more and free updates like dirt rally, you can do it codies. Make us happy like you did with dirt rally

    big thx then !
  9. F1 2016 should definitely have a cheat protection
  10. Two must haves , in my opinion , are bringing back all the authentic practice sessions over the race weekend along with full qualifying and 100% race of course and mainly they need to let you be yourself as a driver again rather than being one of the existing drivers . Surely if they want to keep podium celebrations and cut scenes as a bit of pizzazz it wouldnt be too hard to do a create-a-driver option for a career mode kinda like how wrestling games let you create a wrestler .
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  11. - Pit Limiter
    - All practice session
    - Classic cars like in F1 2013
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  12. Yo! All practice sessions are already included in the game. LOL
  13. Did I say they weren't? Only recent F1 game I have is F1 2013. But I was saying it is a must have, not that it was a must-have new feature.
  14. red flag!
  15. - Frequent updates after each race to reproduce reality (same failures, same lap times approximately...)
  16. Haha a red flag :)

    Id love a competition editor, and in particular the order of the championship races, and also the ability to add but especially remove races from the calendar in career mode.

    I always skip:
    ABu Dahbi
    and I miss Brasil, as its always the last race and i ussually skip that one. I rather have Brasil as race 1 or 2, just as it was back in the day.
  17. Career Mode & Safety Car are back in the game for 2016 and that's confirmed :thumbsup:
  18. you have a link?
  19. A few YTbers Made a video about it...
  20. BoogerMac


    I'd love to have the game be in Early Access for PC before the widespread release.