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Misc F1 2016 Mod 3.1

All the Drivers, cars and teams

  1. Jameswilkoz submitted a new resource:

    F1 2016 Mod - All the Drivers, cars and teams

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  2. Jameswilkoz updated F1 2016 Mod with a new update entry:

    Wehlien helmet, Palmer helmet, Renault season livery

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  3. Please upload photos to attract other's people attention
    Best 2016 mod for f1 2015 so far
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  4. Some problem? When driving MAX, there are no hands on the wheel and no driver in the car?
    How can I solve this? Thanks for your great work.
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  5. Hi mate my apologies for this but I don't have the same issue I'm afraid I can't help but I will resolve this in the next update. Thanks aswell
  6. Great mod but can I ask you've got Sauber as a tier 4 car but I see them fighting tier 3 cars, and Williams are still ahead of Red Bull but you've got Red Bull as tier 1.. have you changed each cars performance or something else?
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  7. you can make the file language (localization) in Italian ??

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  8. might do other languages are on my mind more though
  9. this is due to driver talent not the car
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  10. It is supported the Italian language?

  11. Good Job with the mod! Great fun! But i have the same problem as appie kuipers and my friends tried this and have the same problem aswell! Not only Max verstappen in the Red bull has no helmet and such but also Ricciardo! Both Red bull seats are empty here.
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  12. hi dude thanks! i apologise for this but i am still working out how to fix this
  13. For now I have removed the suit files from your mod and I do get the helmets at Red bull but offcourse a Max verstappen helmet with a kvyat outfit. But that works for now! hoping for a fix soon :D
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  14. how do you install? is it just copying and pasting the folders?
  15. hi mate, thanks for taking interest in my mod. first up you need to go to your files, then go to windows (c:)/programs files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/f12015 when you are in the file go to anyone from localistation f1 2014 character package and 2015 vehicle then open up my mod go on folder you want say 2015 vehicle package go to teams then lotus or any car you want installed and drag and drop the erp files. (this is all done the same way) it will come up with a message saying do you want to replace this files.press replace this file in destination and you have done it.
  16. not smile face its windows (c : )
  17. If I'm mid season, and install this mod. Will this mess it up or not?
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  18. No its fine I installed it to my own in mid season and worked. Fine
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  19. Hello

    How do you installed this,, I copied all the file to my steam common app 2015 folder but I dont see any change.. Please help