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Misc F1 2016 Livery Pack 1 1.0

F1 2016 Livery Pack is a pack of skins for all teams.

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    F1 2016 Career Mod *BETA* - F1 2016 Career Mod is a mod for the seasons 2017-2026.

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  2. So, this is a fantastic concept, which can hopefully be done, but I have one issue already.

    Looking at the preview skins on the mod page instantly turns me off. If this isn't meant to be realistic, and everything changes massively each season, then I understand it, but if it's meant to be more realistic, having livery changes to that scale is too much.

    Maybe have smaller adjustments if it's possible (I know the livery modding can be tricky), over time like in rl, like making the bulk of the Williams car that final blue stripe colour instead of white (something I've begged modders to do for a week) in the third season onwards. Hell, maybe remove the Mercedes engine on the Williams decal to make it BMW the season after for a fantasy throwback.

    I do like some of them on there btw, like the red and yellow Ferrari, bluer Red Bull, white McLaren, that black Williams looks neat too, still want my dark blue one tho : ^)

    Also, while typing this, I would assume that team strengths adjust automatically anyway like in previous games, plus with R&D to speed it along. Perhaps change the driver strengths instead if possible? So older drivers past 37 tend to slow down over time, while younger drivers progressively become faster.

    Defo gonna keep an eye on this mod, great idea and hope it can be completed regardless!
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  3. Enter Charles Leclerc!
  4. First off all thank your for your good feedback Crekkan.

    The mod is made to give a racer the possibilities to choose many different liveries/skins and different season setups (driver transfers, teams strengths etc ). Of course there are fantasy skins far from realistic and more realistic once. I want to make at least 5 different liveries a team, so all ideas ( with example ) are welcome. Your idea of the Williams with a BMW Logo I was trying already. I get the normal logo work (symbol) but with letters it still mirrors. So to let you understand this logo:


    Its the same for McLaren. I can add the Vodafone logo, but not with the text Vodafone. I still have to figure out if it is somehow possible to adjust the mirroring of the reclame. This is for logo's not a big issue, but with letters it is.

    About the performance, it is by team, not by driver. So it's like 2015 you can change the Team Performance. I only don't know how this affect career mode yet. Currently I'm testing it.

    Maybe you can give a example of the Williams you mean, just curious :)
  5. Akin to this skin from the previous game, tried to get in contact with the modder, no reply http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/blue-williams.11480/ and yes, the mirroring sucks, but I guess it's liveable : s

    And alright, I would suggest making the liveries optional, though I think that can be done anyway, just means more individual file dragging, plus you're trying to make 5 per team so it sounds as if that's your route regardless. But righto, that's cool. Always prefer realism over fantasy personally.
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  6. Thanks for the mod, great job! Maybe, just maybe could you upload some of the skins alone? Like this mclaren and force india one in the picture? (and if it's possible, than the green thing in the force india in white colour, but if it's not possible, than fine:) 391040_screenshots_20160904215308_1.jpg
  7. Love the idea behind this mod!

    But i would like to know.... How often can we expect each set of skins to be released?

    Also perhaps this image that i found could help with some ideas for skin designs for the set of skins that you release!

  8. realitychecked


    Wrong game.
  9. Not really? The image i provided was not from F1 2016 i know that but my question was for this mod for F1 2016
  10. realitychecked


    I meant that those liveries cannot be reproduced in F1 2016.