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Featured F1 2015 The Game Released

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Bram, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    F1 2015 The Game Released.jpg

    Just a little while ago Steam unlocked F1 2015 and the annual Formula 1 game is now released in Europe for Windows PC players.

    North American's have to be a little more patient and wait for 11 more days until the game releases on the 21st of July 2015 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam for PC. (Update: Seems that Americans are getting lucky with a Steam release today as well.)

    The central game mode this year is the all-new Championship Season, which according to the developers promises to deliver the most immersive F1 experience yet, thanks to an all-new ‘broadcast presentation’ style that recreates the unique race day atmosphere of a Grand Prix.

    The upcoming weekend will be used by thousands of race fans to enjoy the first moments in the game and below you find some handy links and tips to enhance your experience!

    F1 2015 Mods and Modding
    Our active community modders have already started working to find out whether F1 2015 is moddable. It has a new file system using an unfamiliar file format, possibly encrypted. If and when mods become available for PC users, please feel free to visit our download section to get your hands on them..

    Got questions? Want to start your own modding career? Make sure to visit the F1 2015 modding forums and check out the sticky threads for more information.

    Real racers, race online
    RaceDepartment hosts a couple of long running online F1 series for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. This great group of organizers and racers are ready to welcome new- and old-comers to their various series. Sign-ups have already started so hurry up and check them out here. Of course everybody is invited to setup daily casual events in the same forum when you aren't interested in racing just for the points but are looking for a more social type of racing.

    Let us help you with F1 car setups
    RaceDepartment is keeping up with an annual tradition: Since 2010 we have provided a free to use service to the Codemasters community by providing top notch racing setups for the year Formula 1 sim.

    If setting up your car is not something you are accustomed to, let us help you out. Here are some useful links that have helped hundreds of thousands of players during the last five years.

    Setups for all F1 cars on all tracks under all conditions
    F1 2015 Setups
    F1 2014 Setups
    F1 2013 Setups
    F1 2012 Setups
    F1 2011 Setups
    F1 2010 Setups

    Setups Directory
    Handy one page overview of all setups.
    F1 2015 Directory
    F1 2014 Directory
    F1 2013 Directory
    F1 2012 Directory

    Setup Guide
    A handy guide guide explaining the basics of setting up a virtual racing car can be downloaded here

    F1 2015 Photos and Videos
    Are you an ambitious YouTuber or photographer looking for an audience? Make sure to check out RaceTube and submit your stunning video and photo productions.
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  2. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    Just had a wee play before bed and I am very encouraged thus far. FFB feels pretty good, not game stock car extreme quality but still pretty blooming decent.

    I'm using a fanatec v2 on PC so looking forward to getting home from work tonight and playing around with the settings.

    graphics seem a little blurry and not that sharp but oddly it adds to the atmosphere a little

    I like how in time trial mode you can choose to use your rivals setup, that's a stroke of genius for those of us who love driving but hate setup tinkering.

    I'll stick my neck out and say that I think I'm going to love it
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  3. Not good start for me i have csw v2 and he sim pro pedals i cant assign gas as the same axis is assigned to csw v2 right axis.
  4. Thanks Bram and staff for the amazing threads and setup stuff. Wonderful. Just an FYI. I'm in North America and the game is unlocked and playable for me
  5. can't wait to hear what people will say about it, I did like the 2010,11 and 12, but didn't buy 13 and 14 since it was same old same old, 15 looks like it promises more stuff, plus it was said it will be more realistic which would be great addition,

    will probably wait to get this one in some sale, but most likely will be getting it
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  6. Its funny so far 2015 is running far better on my computer than 2014 did.
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  7. stadlereric


    Wow I have to say so far 2015 is a huge improvement over the previous years. I'm loving it so far!!
  8. I wonder if they made a slight mistake I am in the US and playing it from Steam rightnow!!
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  9. I think the 21st is just for Consoles and Disc Versions of F1 cause I'm playing as well.
  10. This game is really bad bugged and not optimized even for triple screens I am running 5760x1080 on ultra everything looks like 480p and just lags the fps :(
  11. Same thing happen to me on the preview build. waiting for an update!
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  12. Shocking how its untested lol , you would imagine that they test on triple screens , its totally unplayable on my pc .
  13. Thats the only reason i posted a thread about whats missing, i felt like the game is a big step up from the previous F1 games BUT no to little step up to what people want.

    Also a quick question, on PS4 preview build had alot of frame drops (when there is to much going on around you) and on final build the game runes smoother than before but still frame drops here and there, whats about on PC mate?
  14. btk150

    2D God

    7fps for more on certain events, and for some people on stem as well, really sad that I can't play it :( When it runs normally I get 60fps, so not a problem with my pc
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  16. jimortality


    Worth buying?
  17. If you have 1 monitor yes but not optimized for triple screens , i bought 2 copy from cdkeys 20,99 each :)
  18. jimortality


    Nice, that's where I normally get mine from. I bought last years and it was poor handling for my TX.
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  19. yes i never bothered with 2014 either , could not tell from the 10 minutes ingame , not drivable properly but ffb feels a lot better :)
  20. Yes BUT not full price