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Featured F1 2015 The Game: New details, screens and box art!

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Alex Franchini, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. F1_2015_Shot_02_1429109950.jpg
    Codemasters and Bandai Namco have released more information about their upcoming F1 racing title, including new pictures and the official box art. It looks like F1 2015 might not be the fresh start everybody thought it would be, but it seems to be a pretty big step into the right direction.

    As promised in the first press release, the title will have a more sim-like handling model. While I personally doubt it will reach the accuracy heights of something like Game Stock Car Extreme, it might be a nice surprise - and then again, there's nothing wrong with a well done simcade racer.
    The game director Steven Embling confirmed the sim-like leanings of Codemasters' new title in an interview with Eurogamer.

    After the faux-pas of the last entry in the series, based on old technology and aimed towards a more casual handling style, the Codies are pushing back towards a more sim-oriented model.
    The Eurogamer preview confirms this impression, describing the new handling as "alive" and as "requiring a delicate throttle" application.

    Along with the new physics model, the title has received a full graphics overhaul (particularly evident in the previewed Singapore circuit) and is aiming for 60 fps on both PS4 and Xbox One.
    PS4 users will get the 1080p experience, while Xbox One users will have to settle for a slightly lower 900p resolution. Obviously, none of this will matter to PC users, and hopefully F1 2015 will retain the past EGO engine-powered games' stellar performance optimization.

    Also of note are season updates: the game will launch with the full 2015 grid (minus for the Manor team, which will be added in one of the updates) along with the 2014 cars and circuits.

    One final note: Codemasters has confirmed that the F1 license will be valid until 2016, which means we'll very likely see another title after F1 2015. The developer said they plan to renew the license with Formula One Management after the expiry date, thus possibly leading to even more annual F1 titles.

    The new release date for F1 2015, as stated in the latest press release, will be out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on June 12. In the meanwhile, take a look at the game's latest preview pictures, along with the official box-art and steelbook cover (for the special edition).

    Let us know what you think in the comments!

    F1_2015_PCDIG_rgb_pack_2D_PEGI_RP_1429109717.jpg F1_2015_PREORDER_Metal_Pack__WIP_Circuit_Guide_cover_1429109858.jpg F1_2015_Shot_02_1429109950.jpg F1_2015_Shot_04_1429109953.jpg
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  2. Of course they said this about GRID Autosport too...

    "the Codies are pushing back towards a more sim-oriented model."

    Don't get me wrong, I liked GRID Autosport, but its nowhere near sim-oriented.
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  3. Having joined the PC Master Race this round, as well as enjoying the changes in F1 this season (engines/chassis/etc), I am looking forward to seeing this released.

    Then waiting for some trusted reviews, to see if it's worth playing with a wheel. ;)
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  4. I've enjoyed all of them with a wheel except 2010, but I don't mind saying that the FFB is nowhere near as good as most true dedicated racing sims such GSCE, rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa, R3E. 2010 has some strange FFB deadzone around center that couldn't be adjusted to eliminate. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, all require various tweaks to get a decent feel but are certainly more enjoyable with a wheel than a gamepad.
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  5. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Premium

    I'll wait for other RD member's feedback before deciding whether to get it or not.
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  6. Yeah, I enjoyed F1 2013 on PS3 (mostly for the classic-content) with my old DFGT despite the limited FFB. But I meant if it'd be worth it with a wheel for 2015 and the new 'model', or if we'll have the same old 'song & dance' again.
  7. That's the million dollar question...
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  8. The box art is about as bland and by the numbers as you could imagine.
  9. I would love to be able to do a free-run or a hotlap from a start stationary in the pits. These simcades and arcade racers not only start a session via a rolling start, but at top speed too.

    Would like to be able to adjust my camera, FOV and seating position prior to starting a session. Oh yeah, and can we finally adjust our FOV and camera settings without having to resort to editing XML files. It doesn't have to be perfect, just something.
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  10. airutonpurosuto8912


    gonna get the game for good, but there is no feedback frrom me yet. at least I have to wait for an exclusive gameplay.
  11. I'll be waiting for the reviews first, like I did for 2014.

    No use listening to anything CM says beforehand, although @David Greco's addition to their team is a definite positive.

    Everything they release via the press, is pure marketing BS.
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  12. I've always struggled using the wheel with these games because there are so many button controls to learn and perfect extra with the likes of KERS and DRS. Hopefully DRS gets binned soon. It's not an innovation to F1.
  13. And please add Oculus support.
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  14. It doesn't help that we are forced to go with an Xbox controller layout, which is just impractical with some wheels.
    I hate the fact that i have to press once to bring up the menu, a second time to select brake balance, and a third time to move it forward/backwards... and you can only go 1% in either direction :mad:

    A simple +/- is so much better it's sad.
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  15. I've always found the dearth of controller customization on consoles in general to be baffling.
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  16. I think Sony made every button on the Ps4 adjustable. not sure if it came as standard or has been patched in later.
  17. I thought that was a patch and not day 1. In any case, the fact that its taken this long is absurd. Console games are effectively just PC games on proprietary hardware. The lack of control by the end user up til this point is in my opinion 1 part anti-consumer and 1 part the deficient character of the culture that surrounds those devices.
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  18. This is all good news but I have only one thing to say, We've been fooled before. Every game they talk it up and so far, I've not been impressed. I'll reserve judgement on this title till I see some reviews.
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  19. The limited edition box set is a classic cover :thumbsup:
    I would imagine the drivers faces on the majority of games is aimed at the impulse buyers :rolleyes:
  20. My only thought when looking at the faces on the cover was "Hamilton's haircut makes him look like a total birk."
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