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F1 2015 PC vs Consoles

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by wowmk1, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. I am wondering if the pc version is gonna be a genuine pc game or a port from the consoles. So far it seems the consoles are getting more attention so does not look so good. Why no voice chat with the engineer on the pc? What other features is the pc version gonna lack compared to the consoles. I have a g27 and i have played all the f1 games on the PC, but oet me tell you, the better not screw this one up. Share your thoughts please :)
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  2. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    I still doubt the voice chat could be successful. I don't think it could really work on either consoles or PC. I still don't get it how they are going to get someone who knows English decently good, but has a weird accent to get recognised speaking by the game (like me :D).

    But even more I don't get it why "no" for PC. We have microphones people!
  3. I guess they are using the integrated voice recognition systems of PS4 and Xbox One. They probably would have to implement it themselves for PC which obviously isn't worth it.
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  4. thats what scares me. what other features is the pc gonna lack? this game needs to be perfect on all systems its a make or break for codies, this is their last chance with a lot of ppl...
  5. The fact that all the games in the series limit you to a XBOX controller interface, even though you are using a "fully supported" G27 (or whatever you own) is a joke.
  6. Microsoft Speech Recognition, build in your system ?
  7. No, it's ancient compared to the voice recognition systems of PS4 and Xbox One.
  8. idk why its ancient lol, just train it up so it can recognize ur voice nicely and job done :DD
  9. Man, I could use the cheap official MS Headset for XB360 at the original MS XB360 wired controller. Gimme the dang voice support w/o third party tools.
    Would be great to have the whole sound via media speaker but the communication with your engineer via headset.
  10. Dont you guys feel silly talking at your games? It's not really a needed item.
  11. yes i know actually these shitty thirdparty mods suck both, doesnt work always giving a ****ing error no matter what i reinstall so bugmasters should really fix the game, i am done with it already today i started race with ALO in 2014 season and when i clicked start the race i sat 30minutes on grid without any lights out :D
  12. That's the point, modern voice recognition systems don't need individual training.
  13. actually its not a pretty much problem to read 2 sentences in English :D
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