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F1 2015 - PC Patch 6 - August 20th

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Mateusz Najda, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. My Steam has just downloaded it, it's 394.4 MB for me.

    • Fixed AI always pitting on the same lap as their team mate
    • Fixed some instances of cars getting stuck in the pit lane
    • Fixed infrequent crash in the pit lane
    • Fixed car resetting to track when using flashback in the pit lane
    • Fixed instances of the pitting strategy not always updating correctly
    • Fixed fuel changes not saving correctly when changed under parc fermé conditions
    • Fixed various errors with the damage, fuel and temperature swipe
    • Fixed game stutter when the player takes control of an AI-driven car
    • Fixed AI cars having punctured tyres in P2 and P3 sessions in Pro Season mode
    • Fixed identical weather being used for all practice sessions in Pro Season mode
    • Fixed game resuming instantly when backing out of replay
    • Fixed flickering on track reflections in wet weather on high graphics settings
    • Fixed objects popping when playing with multi-monitor and wide screen setups
    • Added ability to adjust camera and field of view settings
    • Fixed McLaren 2015 car’s gear paddles glowing orange under braking
    • Added ability to delete car setups
    • Added a new “invite only” custom match option
    • Added push to talk functionality for voice comms
    • Improved session joining speed through the multiplayer hoppers.
    • Reconfigured hoppers to give one hopper per difficulty setting
    • Updated feature race to Belgian Grand Prix
    • Fixed players with invalidated lap times being shown as in 1st place during one shot qualifying sessions
    • Fixed grid order being incorrect after one-shot qualifying session if players had invalidated their lap times
    • Fixed several instances of players failing to start a session after other players have left the game
    • Fixed race start timer increasing whenever a player joins a hopper lobby
    • Fixed players acquiring another player’s points when joining a session mid-season
    • Fixed saved lobby settings not loading in correctly
    • Fixed players not joining hopper lobbies correctly from some game modes
    • Fixed car body not loading in correctly in some multiplayer race
    • Fixed multiple incorrect fastest lap notifications being displayed during online practice sessions
    • Fixed vote to skip track being used multiple times in lobbies
    • Added notifications for players retiring during a multiplayer session
    • Various other bug fixes and improvements

    Please note that voice command support is still being developed, and is expected to be delivered in a later update.
  2. nice to see theyve been busy, hope this gets most of the fixes out of the way & we'll see updates on the cars in the coming weeks.
  3. http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/17467/f1-2015-pc-patch-20-08-15/p1
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  4. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    Thank you,I can now change my FOV.Corners are actually corners now.:thumbsup:
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  5. What does it mean updated feature race?
  6. That's so awesome, now I will hopefully be able to play this game
  7. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Both patch release threads merged into one .....
  8. Can anyone tell me if we are able to adjust / move the camera and field of view settings in any camera view, like offset t-cam, and can someone post a picture or video of this option ingame, please. Thank you and THANK YOU CODEMASTERS for the recent patch!!
  9. You can only change the incar view .
    • Fixed game stutter when the player takes control of an AI-driven car
    I didn't know you can take control of an AI's car... how is this done, through what button/key?
    Hoped they had the voice command included. Oh well, hopefully it's done in the next patch.
  10. When you go out of the pits, the car is driven by AI if you directly start your Hotlap, until the countdown is finished. It's been like that since 2010.
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  11. I see, I'm familiar w/ that. I had the impression it meant me actually controlling the AI, like in rF2/SCE, w/c apparently isn't.
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  12. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

  13. Wow, these patches. Before you were warned too often for corner cutting now you get penalties without even corner cutting.

    The McLaren is me, far away from cutting anything. Quickrace 3 laps, got 3 sec penalty there, lol.

  14. Probably your fault for doing a 3 lap GP
  15. For me patch 6 has progressed the game from bad to worse. The AI has now gone even more bonkers, I get more frequent game crashes on exit and my G27 wheel bug is still around but the required workaround has changed.
  16. Yeah, sure because one would test a mod doing a 100% race ... ffs.
    But the patch has changed sth. with the performance. I never had tearing before, now I have (I never had tearing in any F1 game V-Sync being disabled (because there is no half-30-fps-V-Sync)
  17. Want me to call the wambulance?
  18. One more troll on my ignore list, make yourself comfortable.
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  19. Previous workaround for steering (recalibrating at startup) was already manageable, now it's gone worse again. What issue are you experiencing, and what's your workaround now with your G27?