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F1 2015 - PC Patch 10 - September 16th

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by MS7XWDC, Sep 16, 2015.

    • Update the Feature Race to Singapore
    • Fixed the AI not being shown blue flags in some instances
    • Fixed car setups not being loaded at the start of a race
    • Fixed steering wheels remaining at an incorrect angle when entering the pit lane
    • Fixed an incorrect deadzone being applied after defining the throttle and / or brake pedals in custom preset

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  1. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

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  2. Update race to Singapore... What does it mean??
  3. This patch has completelely broken the custom setups for my G27. It will lose your settings and revert to default every time.
  4. They change it with each real F1 race the week of the race.
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  5. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Mine did that quite regularly before this patch (G27), randomly .....
  6. This is what scares me about this game, different people can have different issues on different wheels on different rigs, some random, some consistent. Weird, weird, weird.

    I will be back on my rig tonight and will try my old favourite "if all else fails" trick:

    Delete Steam appcache folder and reconfirm my game cache integrity.
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  7. still massive throttle deadzone t500rs with usb pedals :/
  8. Does anyone else still have a drift-type throttle response, as in upon sudden strong acceleration have the car go into a silent but very obvious sideways moment?

    I still have this issue since game launch and it makes corner exits a very unpredictable gamble, sometimes sticking to the road and other times completely losing traction that can't even be corrected by short shifting one, two and sometimes even three gears!!! I can never tell where the edge of grip is with this game. I'm all too often snaking out of corners, and instead of controlling the slides though throttle and steering balancing (that normally results in tank-slapping) I have to back off way more than I'd like and just wait for the car to sort itself out and regain grip again. I ain't racing the track, I'm chasing the car instead. Even adding traction control doesn't fix the issue as the high setting completely kills off acceleration in an overkill manner, and the lower settings still allow extreme wheel-spin / drift mode.

    I check RD forums every day in hope of news that a patch has arrived that fixes the handling, but it seems not to be arriving anytime soon if at all.

    Codemasters, please address the vague-ass handling model and also improve the sounds so when the tyres are losing traction we can hear it, which will be more evident nowadays than ever before with the quiet engines.
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  9. Very noticeable on 2nd and 3rd gear corners.
  10. It seems to me too that when you loose grip it just takes an age to get it back, sometimes even 2-3 secs even if you aren't putting much if any throttle in. Its almost like once you loose grip you're forced to drive on ice for a bit.

    And I'm still really struggling with braking, if I go 100% brake even at top speed the tyres instantly lock. That's not right surely? They should keep rotating for a bit before locking up right?

    And I know how to modulate braking and all that, I play assetto corsa with no assists and manage perfectly well with that. The odd lock up here and there when pushing it running at the end of tyre life. But on that I've never had a lock up straight away from top speed
  11. It worked.:thumbsup:
  12. Glad (in a way) that it's not just me going crazier than normal then. Thanks for confirmations.

    On my game (using Xbox 360 controller on PC) I can slam on the brakes in 7th or 8th gear and typically not lock up until 3rd gear or maybe even 2nd - so I think something's gone Pete Tong with your game.
  13. On my game (using Xbox 360 controller on PC) I can slam on the brakes in 7th or 8th gear and typically not lock up until 3rd gear or maybe even 2nd - so I think something's gone Pete Tong with your game.[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, its really annoying. To not lock up, I have to use 70-80% braking only. But that then just looses me buckets of time. I might try the deleting steam app cache and then verify the game. I have verified the game before but didn't delete the app cache
  14. Its better now, but I'm still locking up in 5th-4th gears. For example just doing Spain. And on the quick right handed before the 2nd DRS zone, I do a quick dab of brakes and down one gear to 5th and I hear the squeal of the tyres locking at the rear
  15. Have the same problem but I use dfgt. did you sort it out?
  16. Yes, I deleted my Steam "appcache" folder and re verified my F1 2015 game cache. ounce I did that, after creating a new in game custom setup, it did not revert back to default on new sessions.
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  17. Did the same thing but didn'nt help for me
  18. Now it works. Thank you!.
  19. :thumbsup: Good stuff, happy racing.