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Misc F1 2015 mod 0.5

Adds 2015 drivers and teams

  1. Kuba Krupinski submitted a new resource:

    F1 2015 mod - Adds 2015 drivers and teams

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  2. airutonpurosuto8912


    Please show a preview of the mod :)
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  3. this mod doesn't have car skins from 2015?
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  4. airutonpurosuto8912


    yep, because no one of them is made yet
  5. i see...and you'll release those skins ,and if yes ,when?
  6. airutonpurosuto8912


    I don't think of making more F1 2012 skins...one day I would if I get bored.
  7. ok..cheers
  9. If you want I could TRY my best and make the 2015 skins
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  10. That would be great! Its the only thing that's missing!
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  11. No worries I will start as soon as possible
    How would I send them to you
    I don't want to do it publicly as some people could use them in there mod
  12. Sry Ricciardo I've teamed up with really ggreat pro modders who will do the skins. The end effect will be amazing!
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  13. ok no worries
    can't wait
  14. xxl


    I have a big problem... Cool Mod,but it doesn´t work for me.
    Everytime I start I just see the window with the logo and then it crashes...
    Please help me!
  15. Same thing happened to me. The only way I made it work is by making my own mod, using the same computer.
  16. Same thing happened to me. The only way I made it work is by making my own mod, using the same computer.
  17. xxl


    Is it normal that it crashes when i pack a edited database in there?
    with another databasemod I had the same problem.
  18. This mod is still in development or no? Good job with that great mod. PD: Can you do a spanish translation of this mod?
  19. Well, my co-makers of this mod unfortunately seem to have lost interest in it. I've finished my part quite long ago. All I'm missing now are about half of the car skins, the ctf setup files, the helmet and garage crew skins, but I cant do those. One of my co-workers was spanish, so if he renewed interes in this mod he could do the translation.
  20. Ok. We need to pray to my god (Gabe Newell) and he knows to do in this moment. Seriously, is not a good news, if your co-makers renew the interest I hope is forever.

    Google Traductor OP