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F1 2015 graphic settings help

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Daniel Frissen, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Hi guys

    My pc is a Intel i5-2320 CPU @3.00GHz internal memory 8gb. Graphic card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti

    in F1 2014 I put everything on ultra and it worked fine, everything ran smoothly.

    Now in F1 2015 I'm a bit confused by some new settings and I don't now how I should set them with my pc.
    It's the settings anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering? What are they for and how should I set them?

    Does anyone has some good advice for me

  2. Hi, first of all AF = 16x always! No matter the graphics card. The visual impact is big, the performance impact not existing.
    AA ... forget about it. In the past games MSAA was available (or even EQ) which was useful. Here you have TAA or SMAA or SMAA+TAA which both ruin the overall picture due adding chromatic aberration, which makes the game look, uhm, coarse-grained (in german I'd say "krissliger").

    About all the other settings you have to try it for yourself (btw. the benchmark is bugged so use Fraps or sth. similar to check your FPS performance), but ultra is not possible for you.

    If you have found a stable setting and your graphics card has some power left, try NVidia's DSR (when active, you set the game at higher resolution than your native resolution of your screen, so it looks a bit sharper)
  3. Thx for your explanaition. What exactly is fraps and how do i use it.?

    What is the reason that i can t use ultra.? Worked fine in 2014. Is it the new 2015 graphics engine.?

    and what is my biggest pc problem.? The cpu or the graphic card.? In other words. Should i update the graphic card to a 2 gb would that be enough.?

  4. you can get fraps there:

    simple tool, the only thing you'll need is its FPS overlay (else the tool is outdated nowadays, there are better alternatives but for showing FPS it's straight forward to run).

    Yeah, the new engine uses much more power though the graphics output isn't really increased compared to a smooth 2013/14 with MSAA 8x.

    For this game your CPU could come at its limit with DSR (I have a Phenom II X4 965BE 3.7 GHz and all four cores go up to 80% during a session) but a new graphics card** will give you a real performance increase.

    ** (not better than around the level of a GTX 660 TI I'd say else your CPU will limit your GPU already most of the time - but ofc you can go higher for the future all depending on your power supply, budget$$$ and slot space in your case, ofc.)
  5. thanks man for all your help.
    If I understand correctly. I'm going to measure my current FPS, and if it's not high enough I decrease some settings to lower and than run a fps test again?

    What's my FPS target? How many FPS gives a good smooth game result?
  6. the measurement is on the fly, the program will show the current FPS all the time
    you can usually count 2-4 FPS to the fraps result due fraps using graphics performance, too

    you can also change all graphic settings during a live race, no need for back to menu or so

    good, smooth depends on your eyes - some people have issues below 60FPS, some don't notice the difference between 30 FPS and 60 FPS

    with a common 60Hz screen you should not drop below 30 FPS, being in the middle (40-50) can result in tearing (so one part of the picture seems to be delayed), that is where Vsync should do its job, unfortunately it seems there is no half-vsync available (30 FPS lock, one could reduce the ingame's frequency but one would not want to do so for eyes' sake), so Vsync seems only to work as a 60 FPS lock (but I have no tearing even with 40s FPS, so turning it on, I'd say is recommended)
  7. I just changed my 550ti to a 580. as my experience you should set resolution at 1024*768 or 1280*720 but no more higher and trun everyting in advance setup to lowest to make sure you have minimum fps loss. If you don't like blurr just set motionBlur to false in hardware_settings_config.xml and keep everyting lowest in advance setup. Then you can get about avg 60fps in video test. Hope may help you.
  8. my performance indeed sucks. In 2014 I played with 1980*1024 ultra and FPS was 45
    In F1 2015 I only get 30 with 1280 and ultra low. <snip> 2015 I stay with 2014

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  9. Daniel, I see you are using a Nvidia card. Do you have Nvidia Gforce Experience? This has an optimization option that will optimize your game for you in a matter of seconds. It is very useful for people that are not too familiar with graphics settings and does not do a bad job. You can see the affect on the cars of F1 2015 when using this tool. As for the rest of the F1 2015 graphics, that needs fixing in my opinion ( Looking for a good Sweetfx setup at the moment).
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  10. Thx for the advice.
    when i use this nvidia feature..how does it work. ? Does it overwrite the ingame settings. Or do i have to put them on auto. ?
  11. No, just let Nvidia Experience do its Thing. Not saying its a magic bullet, but it will set your graphics up correctly.
  12. Coming late to this - but Geforce Experience can be a double-edged sword for this stuff - it tends to set things a bit high, it's clearly aimed at image quality over FPS.

    For games like Grid2/Autosport, the settings it recommends send my GPU into a fan frenzy - backing-off the settings slightly doesn't really change it's appearance but gives more FPS and less heat!

    I've not dug into it's F1 2015 recommended settings yet but it's suggestions seem high for my hardware - that said I get 40-ish fps in "High" and 30-ish fps in "Ultra Low" - e.g. there's not much difference to be had.

    One oddity is that disabling AA/AF actually DROPS my fps
  13. Steam has a FPS counter function now, one that is more discreet than fraps.
  14. Really? Didn't know that, since when? Where is it to enable/show?
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  15. Vangelis Parginos

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    Steam/settings/in game
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  16. Hi John, Yes I should have maybe been a little more explicit. It does tend to set a bit high for some cards, notwithstanding that it is supposed to base it on your card. However, I find that it sets things up pretty close, giving you a good base to tweak if required. Having a GTX 970, I didn't have this problem.
  17. one question...my game runs perfectly always 100%..suddenly my game starts to go in slow motion and i don't why..:O_o: ..then come back to normality...
  18. What's the videoram size of your graphics card? (Or what's your card's type?)
    It runs fine at first because the game loads all textures into the graphics card's memory. Once that is full and new textures need to be loaded, everything gets streamed in and out of the memory of your card.
    Though that streaming uses also the CPU, the GPU's memory and power is the one handling all this for the biggest part.
  19. Radeon HD 7970 3Gb
  20. Wow, lucky you. Even with patch2.5 and only High settings (Motion and Depth=Off) I'm getting only 60-70fps.... but that's only at the start of a race, then drops to 30-30+fps. Though I'm using 2560x1440, I tried 1080p but very similar results (PC is already set to Bitsum High Performance when the game runs.) I'm still researching the cause.

    What nvidia driver version are you using now, and I presume all nvidia control panel settings to default? Thanks.