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Misc F1 2015 Force India Race Suit HD 1.0

Force India Race Suit HD

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  1. another awesome race suit.:cool:
  2. I love it but in my case when the Driver goes in to the car there are not the same Suit,for example I play with Vettel in Ferrari but when he goes in to car Suit it was blue,but inside car was red.
  3. PS:I have Lesley Buurlage Mod installed,maybe are there a problem with Database?
  4. I didn't edit any database. I just edited the race suit in the characters file.
    I have his mod installed too but mine's working fine.
  5. I know that you dont change anything on Database,I ask you could that be the reason on that Suit?Also when I won race when Vettel comes out the car he has Red Bull Suit and Helmet.Just when he was in the Car then was all perfect...
    Sorry for bad English!
  6. For Lesley Buurlage's mod, don't include the file under ( Characters ; Models ; 2013 ) because if you open the PSSG file, you'll see both ferrari and red bull race suit in it.
  7. Where I have to copy this files,in which folder?Is it impossible?