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F1 2015 E3 Gameplay at Mexico

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by ElliottSplash, Jun 17, 2015.

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  2. want it want it want it want it want it want it (now pls)
  3. Really hope it's not just only about the graphics improvement. I really hope the AI will be a lot tougher , more agressive and can be assertive in most situations. I'm really tired that the AI only uses the ideal racing line and whenever you are at the end of a straight they are too afraid to try an overtake .
    Moreover they should fix the damage system and implent a realistic damage choice so that it will be as sensitive as in real life without a damage mod in order to please the console players too .
    There are still numerous things I can complain about but it's still an alpha game which will get updates as the season goes and it has the potential to surpass it's predecessors greatly.
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  4. That gloves :O_o:
  5. Seems like 2yrs dev time and only a graphical update. AI still look clueless at overtaking and back out of every move after seeing the US video. I guess things may be better on the full release but I'm not getting my hopes up.
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  6. Not realistic. Grandstands look too full
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  7. Looks really nice... I want to try it:cry:
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  8. I am still so undecided about this game. The mods here at Race Department have saved 2013 and 2014 for me but I lament the loss of career mode.
  9. Technically 'career mode' is still in... Your just playing as a driver and not yourself, so you can still have that career mode experience.
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  10. Thank you Alex. Is it multiple seasons or just one and done?
  11. Not 100% sure... i'd assume you would be able to continue. Either with the driver you picked or picking a different one.
  12. @Alex Brumpton You refer to the "Championship" mode where you do a full season with "X" driver, but the classic "career" mode stills here...
  13. The "career" mode has been replaced with the Championship mode. The only difference is, you dont play as yourself. You play as a real life driver, e.g Jenson Button.
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  14. :confused:
    I will kill codies:mad::ninja::poop:
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  15. So long as I can drive my Ferrari I guess it will be ok and so long as Dmitry and Lesley and all the rest keep making these fantastic mods.
  16. I don't see this as a bad idea... so what if you can't play as your own avatar that looks nothing like you and is the same for everyone else, the fact they have done it like this makes it so they can add podium celebrations and lining up with the engineers and other drivers on the grid. I can't wait for that atmosphere.
  17. And me:O_o::p??
    Yeah, that atmosphere looks great, but like you say the haven't put the career mode per the faces, they could have put a default face for "our" driver, as in previous games inside the helmet...
  18. The problem with that is, FOM wouldn't allow that "default face" to appear on the podium... stupid i know. But thats FOM for you.
  19. How damage has made Uncle Bernie ...:(:(
  20. Please some kill that awfull motec, I hope modders here do it more realistic :thumbsup: