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Skins F1 2015 Drivers Suits & Gloves Pack 1.0

Suits and Gloves

  1. Hi guys,

    F1 2015 Drivers Suits & Gloves Pack


    Choose your driver, copy files and paste in:
    assettocorsa\content\cars\your car\skins

  2. Could this mod be recreated for AC 1.5? These ones don't work anymore because Kunos changed the template.
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  3. No, impossible to convert. Maybe i create 2016 gloves on the new hands model.
  4. I've found a solution. There is a way to use the old driver models so that these gloves and suits can be used again. Kunos left the old driver models in the sdk folder. The only thing that has to be done is copy the driver that is used in the mod (for example "driver.kn5") to the "assettocorsa/content/driver"-folder and rename that to for example "f12015_driver.kn5". Then for every car that has to use that driver model, go into the "car/data"-folder and edit "driver3d.ini", there the first 2 lines should be:

    Rename this to:

    Afterwards, the gloves and suits will appear again in AC. If your mod already has a custom driver, it should automatically show the gloves and suits. If you don't have the data folder you can extract it from "data.acd" with tools to be found online (just Google "acd extractor assetto corsa").
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2016