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F1 2014 traction problems

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by Roadkillergr, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Hello people! I'm sure you've all seen and have experienced wheelspin problems when using a wheel with all of the assists turned off... Personally I don't mind that much but what I do mind is the ai having ludicrous traction coming out of corners when I don't... WHY IS THE AI SO OP ON TRACTION ZONES? In all fairness I'm still struggling with the setup since it's quite different this year but even if my setups are bad I feel as if I have adapted to the wheelspin in F1 2014 but the ai is still taking like half a second on traction alone! So my question is if anybody else has noticed this... I also think that I'm a decent driver... In every single codies F1 game I have played with all of the assists turned off and on legend and have been playing racing games ever since I touched a game pad... So I do have some sort of knowledge... What I'm trying to say is that I know what I'm doing! See what I did there hehehe
    Anyways thank you for your attention!
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  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I think they have too much traction coming out of corners too.

    Swings and roundabouts I think, what we lose in the traction zone, we gain in the braking zone. So it may balance out overall :)
  3. Well I have room for improvement (especially in the setup department) and I agree with you braking feels amazing in the last 2 codies f1 games but I'm still struggling to cope with their speed out of corners... Well only time will tell! The game doe when you are comfortable is great fun!
  4. I find it more noticeable as my tires start to wear, i feel that they don't lose as much grip with worn tires as we do. Anyone know if there is a way to adjust the Ai tire grip or degradation?
  5. I think you can adjust pretty much anything on the ai on the database but I don't remember if it has spefically what you are saying about tyre grip and degradation or one of the 2 at least... I've noticed that too! Especially on F1 2013 (25%) since lap 1 they were all over my rear but when I put fresh rubber on I could pull away easily but not so on F1 2014...
  6. Seems to me a lot depends on which team you are driving. I had huge problems with traction with Ferrari and Williams, but the Mercedez is superb in that department. And I am playing with a hand controller, albeit it a wired Thrustmaster that's geared for racing games (more distance on the triggers).
  7. If you have traction problems try the following which worked pretty good for me.
    If you are accelerate from a low gear (second is very critical) try to get to the max revs as soon as possible and then shift up. do not quick shift because with more torque your tyres will spin and you lose a lot of time. Just accelerate like in 2013. I know it sounds wrong but try it.

    I noticed this while watching an onboard lap driven by the AI. You can see that they are getting the revs up to the limiter before they are shifting up.
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  8. I think that my problem has more to do with the ai being so fast coming out of corners rather than my actual technique... For example turn 7 in Abu Dhabi (The hairpin before the back straight) I can hear the ai being on the rev limiter while not getting any sort of the wheelspin that I get when I'm waiting for the car to grab... Thanks for the tip doe!
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  9. Yeah I agree with you... The McLaren felt decent on traction but the Mercedes is in a diffrent planet! It is absolutely amazing out of corners but still my teammate (who I completely annihilate in qualy) Is like he's riding on a magic carpet or something on traction zones...

  10. Alonso have traction problems too XD
  11. Dem drifting skills doe!