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Misc F1 2014 - Sounds from 2013 2014-10-19


  1. funrace submitted a new resource:

    F1 2014 - Sounds from 2013 - Engine sounds

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    Last edited: Oct 19, 2014
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  2. ouvert


    why should V6 turbo sounds like naturaly aspirated V8 ?
  3. I changed it from v6 to v8
  4. Thanks man ! Could you change the scales ? i'm always shortshifting so i'd like not to be on very low RPM sound. Thanks again ! :)
  5. ouvert


    yeah i get it but now you drive V6 turbo engined car with maximum revs on 15000 that sounds like V8 without turbo with 18000 rpm revs .. which doesn`t make a sense and you are cutting V8 sounds 3000 rpm before rev limit so it sounds like shortshifting all the time .. .. of course if you are OK with it by all means enjoy it ..
  6. now i know what u mean, yea it's just the sound, for me is it okay.
    I dont like the v6 Sounds... you have to look to your LED's :p
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