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Helmets F1 2014 Skins - Valtteri Bottas Monaco Helmet 2014-08-06

Special helmet for Bo77as in Monaco!

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  1. yes!
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  2. look at the first picture now!
  3. Fantastic job mate! Absolutely brilliant :thumbsup:
    Can you do Perez's monaco helmet too?
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  4. Not in the moment! I have 6 other helmets to do! Maybe i can try it but that would be also very hard!
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  5. 6 OTHER?! wow,man you're really at work!:O_o:
    Could you tell me the 6 helmets you're doing?:D
  6. We working on F1 2014 Mod and my next helmets are Vettel's in Australia and Monaco, Giedo van der Garde, Jules Bianchi, Robin Frijns and i think Perez at Monaco ;)!
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  7. :confused: All the helmets I'd love to use!!!
    Keep the work man,:thumbsup: looking forward to them!!!
  8. I try it! :thumbsup::)
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