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Misc F1 2014 MOD 2016 SUPER SEASON PART 1

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  1. How to solve the fuel problem? In the final lap the fuel ends...so it's impossible ti complete the race.
  2. never accelerate time in qualifing-why?
  3. You are the only one to have this problem of lack of fuel.
    In the original DATABASE, fuel consumption is greatly increased.
    In this, the race starts with +1 lap more fuel.

    - Using the normal fuel level.
    - Increase the wings, leaves the heavy car and uses uses more fuel.
  4. It's a bug in the game, accelerate time interfere in the turns of the other cars. Test!
  5. at some distance to go?:thumbsup::cool:;)
  6. do not change the weather
  7. I did not understand your question
  8. Ricciardo and Verstappen are flipped
  9. muy buen mod, pero quiero jugar solo los gp del juego original, ninguno agregado, como hago para eliminar los gp extras. gracias
  10. good mod, but i want play the normal tracks, i want to delete the new gp, but i don know how
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2017