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Apps F1 2014 HUD update 1.0

F1 2014 HUD

  1. Hi, F1 2014 HUD update.
    This HUD was used since Great Britain GP to the end of the season.:)

    This update requires Ov1 - f1 2014 hud - v0.9 beta release
    Link http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ov1-f1-2014-hud.3129/

    Thanks to ov1diu


    • Download the file
    • Extract archive and copy files inside Assetto Corsa folde
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  2. perfect work! tnk's!! works very well this hud
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2015
  3. I have same problem here!
  4. Have you copied the files correctly?
    Old files were changed during copy?
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  5. I have no problem with the installation, but i have many stuttering..how can i fix it?
  6. This update does not affect HUD App performance
  7. This app don't work for me noway! I'm using AC 1.0.2
  8. Im having trouble too. Installed the original and then the update more times than I can remember and I cant get it to show up. Does it only work on a certain track with a certain car? Is it supposed to be in the App list?
    Also on 1.0.2
  9. Are you able to implement that HUD in rFactor ?
  10. No
  11. This update does not affect HUD App performance. It;s only graphical update
    Is it supposed to be in the App list? On list only F1 2014 HUD
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  12. will you make the F1 2015 HUD update please ?
  13. What do you mean? IMO it's the same.
  14. Hi Tomek

    I just downloaded the app and tried. And its pretty cool.

    But is there any way to make the DRS indicator work?

    It would help with come of the mods such as the FF1 2015, which has a DRS feature but does not have it animated.

  15. DRS indicator isn't available in the AC API.