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F1 2014 Game | My thoughts (I got it)

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by AsturPTT, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. AsturPTT


    Hi guys. I have F1 2014 game on ps3 and I can tell you that this game has improved a lot in handling system. the feeling is pretty good. without assists in rain is awesome. You can not accelerating out as strong as in past games. I think probably this game is the best codemasters f1 game since 2010.
    here in RD i uploaded my lastest videos, enjoy it!! Bye!!

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  2. Is that with a wheel or controller?
  3. You lucky #@&*%...... (well jealous really!)

    Michael can you advise if the career mode simulates tyre wear for AI this time around please?
    This will be something of a game breaker for me and others no doubt!! Your insight would be much appreciated, thanks.
  4. AsturPTT


    wheel driving force gt. :)
  5. AsturPTT


    Yes!! about IA tyre wear yes!, this happens ;)
    and...also AI level legend is awesome. they have an incredible pace as seen in my video around Sochi. 2 Mercedes are OP like in the reality hahah
  6. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    You can still start with 1st gear full throttle ? :p
  7. airutonpurosuto8912


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  8. AsturPTT


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  9. what are the 3 sets of numbers on the dash screen? what do they represent?
  10. Bought it and raced one race at Spielberg, 25% distance, dynamic weather. Using a pad. Race started dry but went wet just after halfway.

    Tyre degradation is ok. no better or worse than 2012 (I never bought 2013).

    Why oh why was it clearly time for all drivers to switch to inters, yet it was only me and 3 other drivers who did. The other AI continued at super pace on dry tyres and had no problems with speed, control. none spun out on these tyres or had any trouble on these dry weather tyres in the wet. Rosberg won the race having never changed to inters when clearly the conditions were correct for all drivers to switch to inters - wet track, rain in visor etc.

    Handling is good and sound of engine is nice. Damage models are the same as previous versions.

    The evaluation test gave me a level too easy to play on, so I switched it up one difficulty level and it was a closer race.

    Race engineer tells you the same old boring messages as previous games with little variety. Why can't codemasters change the voice and message content to make things a little more varied?

    Anyway, the menus and graphics are really nice too, but my only gripe is that I'm still unable to view what tyres other drivers start on until the lights go out on the grid.

    Otherwise I'm very happy so far with the purchase.
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  11. Youtube: f1_bundgee style
    F1 2014 vid up to see. Michael I use a g27 and today I did a few laps with all assists off ( accept race line as I'm going blind) the throttle is still very sensitive for wheel users as you'd know but those that use a pad, it's effortless with little to no wheel spin.
  12. Oh yeah and the lag online is 50x worse than 2013 so far. It seems no attention was given to the quality of online again...
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  13. For me handling/steering feels just as bad & unrealistic than last year. Basicly fastest way to drive is just to use really low amount of steering lock for every type of corners. Its bit more challenge to drive because of excessive wheelspin, but that silly steering just ruins it completely. It feels & looks so stupid just to turn the wheel like 90 degrees max even to tightest hairpins.

    Worst thing is that game seems to be totally tailored to pad users, to that extent that it ruins the online completely for wheel users. Using pad is simply massive advantage, there is some underlying driving aids at backround even if you set aids off when using pad, feels like playing different game as you barely get any wheelspin.
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  14. Do you like the background of the game (the bahrain circuit) I prefer paddock view like 2010 ;)
  15. I have not played much. It seems easier than F1 2013 regarding the Very Hard level. I agree that even with all the aids disabled, you feel that the game is helping you. Though, I love it. I like the graphics and the sounds. I would like to have ERS button.
  16. AsturPTT


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  17. Are we getting extra set of Q3 tires ?
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  18. My impressions:
    F1 2014 is a big joke. This is the worst version ever made by Codemasters.

    The 3D models don't look so bad but not as good as F1 2012 or F1 2013 and only Launch version, not even Melbourne's ones lol

    About the textures: Very strange to see that Williams livery has got only blue stripes (no red inside and no martini logos).
    McLaren has the MP4-29 launch livery, etc... The textures are not from good quality.

    The mapping is very strange. The faces on the shape are double sided, and about the mapping, it is like if the wireframe was folded in two.

    The handling is too much flexible and no speed feelings. The game is too easy, even in expert mode. The sounds not very realistics.

    In replay mode, you see the lods switching from lower to high at a very short distance (too many differences- the result is aweful)

    So, Codemasters did a very bad job on the settings, feelings, handling and also shaping.

    The reason of the success of F1 201X was thanks to the modders who kept the game alive. Now, I think this is the end...
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  19. is it me or am i missing blue flags or signals for overtaking cars???
  20. Maybe you need to adjust your settings bud? What is your steering saturation set to? The default wheel settings are no good. I had to adjust my brake saturation and steering saturation. The game feels wonderful now. Same thing with 2013.