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Misc F1 2014 ERS mod 1.1

ERS is now in the game with this very simple mod

  1. jesse stevens submitted a new resource:

    F1 2014 ers mod - ERS is now in the game with this very simple mod

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  2. I don't understand what this is.
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  3. it
    it is the mod that makes ERS (energy recovery system) in the game
  4. ERS is already in the game though, activated automatically. What is different with your mod?
  5. ers actually isn't in the game they say it is automatically managed in game but this is indeed false. i went into the database and found the old kers files, tried many things and eventually found a combination that works sort of like ers. technically it is not ers but it is as close as you can get
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  6. Hmmm... So does that mean this mod sort of makes the cars go faster automatically?
  7. No it means that you have extra power and you can choose when and where to use it
  8. Oh so it's like the old KERS. But how do we config which button to use for that? As there isn't any option for KERS button in this year's game.
  9. what imput methoud are u using
  10. Although i'm not entirely sure what or why this mod is trying to accomplish, I can understand to some extent what you mean.

    I do however feel this mod will be pretty much redundant quite soon. Having this mod is nothing more than having KERS which is not in keeping with the 2014 season - of course it would be nice to actually see how much power is available/remaining, but as that isn't going to happen then the game is what it is, and to be quite frank, I don't want to press a button resulting in a KERS substitute!.

    Sorry for the somewhat negativity, but in all honesty, this mod is pointless IMHO.
  11. Thanks for your opinion
    I have been doing some work on the steering wheel to display how much power is available.
    i think i could do work on the mod to make it feel a bit more realistic but i think i could use my time better
    i do value your opinion and thank you for telling me what i could improve on
  12. I feel add KERS in 2014 is better since I don't see any ERS effectiveness... Is there any video can show how ERS activated automatically?
  13. I'm using a keyboard. Sadly no wheel or controller for me :( Is it workable on keyboard?
  14. airutonpurosuto8912


    I'm worried about this.
  15. because of what? you mean maybe the bad word with P?
  16. airutonpurosuto8912


    NOPE, this ERS mod.
  17. oh ok :D but why? :O
  18. I tired it, I liked it. Thanks for the good work. I don't get the other comments
  19. airutonpurosuto8912


    Nothing more after that