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Misc F1 2014 Complete Graphics Overhaul 1.2

amazing track details new postprocessing better reflections

  1. NeffO76 submitted a new resource:

    NeffOs F1 2014 complete graphics overhaul - amazing track details new postprocessing better reflections

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  2. The track folder and the frontend folder off course. I don´t know what is with the dynamic thing in your mod. You use on some tracks the light difinitions and lightvolume in the routes folder. Is this the dynamic track update? You can use all when you want. No Problem. I will look that i made aversion for F1 2013 too. My details are much higher as the details in the insane drawing distance mod of F1 2013. Their is afailure in the old drawing distance mod. The first lod parameters are the highest lod. He has set the last parameters to over 50000 on some tracks and forgot to set the first lod to a higher value. In vanilla the most of the first lod parameters are zero on most of the buildings.
  3. Here are a few of screensof two amazing looking tracks.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. I'm just a igearzone16 fan. Thanks for the info. Nice mod.
  5. Oh soory, this was a mistake
    I´m really tired. ;)
  6. I like the mod too. But not the textures.
  7. Oh ****! My Monitor Calibration was set to default. It can be that the gamma is to dark on 0.8. =.9 or 1.0 is right now.
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    NeffOs F1 2014 complete graphics overhaul Rv

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  9. Screenshots in Combination with IGearzone 16 F1 2016 Sim. Look at that amazing distance and detail.

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  10. more screens:

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  11. and screens of texas united states

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  12. Now it fails the grass of F1 2015 and the nice particle effects for sand and grass.
  13. Oh ha doubleposts. Iwas really tired as i posted the screens.
  14. Looks real good. Can you slow down the trees and or bushes spinning too much.
  15. Yes, but you can also use IGears Basewind files. You can use I Gears TOD FIles for Canada, Catalunya, Australia and Hungaroring. This Lightversions looking better on IGear I Think. You can put this files in this path:\ F1 2014\tracks\circuits. and then the circuit werrte you put in the file.

    That is the reason while I said it looks not good but better then vanilla. Yes I will update the spinning leaves. It take a while.

    Have you good connections to IGearzone 16? I want that he make a mix of my lighting and use my higher detail for his next revision. I´m in conversation with him but he hated my monaco and singapore update he said to me I have stolen his version. Look at my version it is absoloutely different. I use only all the things that the game gives me. I hate stolen mods. The Ultra Max Mod on this site is from the Germon Site F1 Pole but it works not in this version. You need more then this to files. Ok blah blah. I will fix the shaking and spinning leaves. When you see bugs can you tell me that? Now have FUn with the old engine of F1 2014. (Ironic) ;):roflmao:
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  16. I'm just a fan of Igearzone, I'm testing his pre-release demo. You both do excellent work. Next time I email him I'll pass along the message but you both do great work. U2 should collaborate
  17. Yes I think so. I´m just a fan too. The new videos of Revision 3 looking amazing. I have not a so big racing experience in Formula one games since GP4 and 3. I have begun with Microprose Grand Prix from Geoff Cramond. F1 99 2002 was totally underrated in germany. I have modded all this games in the past but for me alone. But I´m modding graphics, because I´m a graphics artist. But in one month i have no more time to mod big things. My Job is the reason. I have made the same for F1 2013 and Grid Autosport but my Computer crashes and all is gone. sorry for my blah blah.

    The only thing what I hate on F1 Sim 16 are the textures, that looks so oversaturated. It looks like the first F1 Racing Simulator. I have a big conversation last night with IGearzone 16. He will look at my mod. Thanks for your positive comment. ;)
  18. I want the pre release too. I can´t wait to test it with my g27.
  19. Ok, I think I´m done with the hotfix for the leaves on friday.