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Misc F1 2014 Changes To make the Ai more like real life AI 1.0.1

Update to the files to make the ai more realistic

  1. jesse stevens submitted a new resource:

    F1 2014 Real to life ai - Update to the files to make the ai more realistic

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  2. can you elaborate more what exactly it is that you changed?
  3. i changed the drivers skill, ability, good day chance, bad day chance. i changed reliability so vettel has more engine failures than the rest of the field. i made it so Maldonado has a higher chance of crashing, marussia is now faster than caterham and sauber. tyre wear is harsher depending on the car. tyres last longer at places like monza and hockenhiem. if i was to explain everything i changed this would be an essay
    i did quite alot of research over the past week and this is what i have come up with
  4. Thanks!

    What about the horsepower - what did you change?

    Do we have to restart the career?

    Are the Mercs as dominant as in real life?
  5. the mercs are different i have made the mercs slightly faster with 800 horsepower compared to Ferrari 770 and Renault 750, it was origanaly merc 760 Ferrari 750 and Renault 740.
    this does seem like domination but looking at the real statistics i have made rosberg more likley to make a mistake (eg lock up) than hamilton. also the teams like merc mclaren and lotus have increased tyre wear to match real life.
    as i am aware as long as your last save is a mid session then you should be fine
    Thanks for the questions and if you have anymore just comment down below
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  6. Nice thank you. I will try it out!
  7. Can you play online with this?