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Apps F1 2014/2015 HUD FIX 1.0

A fixed version of OV1's F1 2014 Hud

  1. Andreas Lorenz submitted a new resource:

    F1 2014/2015 HUD FIX - A fixed version of OV1's F1 2014 Hud

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  2. The brake indicator is only digital showing only 100% or 0% without progression :( (like the throttle). But it's easy to fix. ;)

    Under /lib edit file app14.pye, replacing code for under #updating the brake guage with this (from original ov1 F1 2014 app):

    # updating the brake gauge
            # getting the brake value from AC
            ac_brake = round(ac.getCarState(0, acsys.CS.Brake) * 100)
            # there are 46 image files with the brake steps
            brake_steps = 46
            # calculating the current brake step with the AC data
            current_brake_step = str(round(brake_steps * ac_brake / 100)).zfill(2)
            # applying the texture to the object
            self.brake_gauge.setBgTexture(self.app_path + "textures/brake_steps/brake_" + current_brake_step + ".png")
    Then, again from the original app, copy the /brake_steps folder into the /textures directory - and whalla, fixed!
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2016
  3. Yeah that was intentional, I had that system going before, but if you have a look at the real HUD then you see that it is either 100 or 0 percent :D so there is no error there. But whoever wants to use this fix go ahead!
  4. EDIT: Disregard. Accidental double post.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2016
  5. I tried this (swapped 46 with 34 since this version seems to only have 34 images). Regardless, after updating this file, the icon doesn't show up in the sidebar (I've made sure the app is checked in settings). Any changes I make results in it disappearing from the sidebar.
  6. Here's a packaged fix that has been working for me and others I've shared it with.
    NB this isn't the whole app just a patch. Hope this is OK with you Andreas.
    F12014-15 HUD App Patch Fix
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2016
  7. Sorry, I've been a little busy these past 2 weeks and I just saw this. This works, but there's a small bug. If I press the brakes quickly, the brake bar only fills up partially (depending on how fast I press the brake). Nothing deal breaking, but just thought I'd mention.

    To reproduce, I took an Aventador, put it on Neutral and squeezed my brake paddle (I use a controller).