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Misc F1 2013 Schumacher is back Mod 1.2

Schumacher is back and he's fast

  1. Gfxmaniac submitted a new resource:

    F1 2013 Schumacher is back Mod - Schumacher is back and he's fast

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  2. great
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  3. and the engineer will be the name of Michael Schumacher instead Rosberg
  4. No i guess . That can't be changed
  5. it means only Rosberg going to say??
  6. It will say Schumacher.
  7. Wasn't it a problem for the last year games that the sound of the engineer couldn't be changed? It will write Schumacher but the engineer won't say "Schumacher" during race. That would be strange for me.
  8. I it wasn't difficult to do at all. Will put video on Youtube briefly to prove it. Had some doubts myself it could be done, but in the end it was doable.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2013
  9. Did you replace the engineers voice with the last year game ones? Then that way i beleive you.
  10. Just audio id in database.

    Youtube link @ 50 secs

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  11. Oh guess you took the id from the classic part , right? Nice job anyway
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  12. Yes, from classic. Thanx.
  13. hey guys, is it possible to make schumi faster than hami?
  14. NP. Just give schumi good day chance = 1 in database and he will be flying. In my database he is usually the fastest, but there are few variables that can influence on driver's speed.
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  15. thx mate, its done and u´re right, he´s flying, like in the good old days :D

    which variables?^^
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  16. good day chance, bad day chance, speed in and speed out ... everything should be very optimal
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  17. Schumi + Ham will be dream team, Thanks for mod :)
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