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Misc F1 2013 Realism Mod 1.0

This mod runs on the F1 2012 game, but is based on 2013 season

  1. Demy van Zoggel submitted a new resource:

    F1 2013 Realism Mod (version 0.6) - This mod runs on the F1 2012 game, but is based on 2013 season

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  2. amazing thanks!
  3. What do the changes in the car_materials.xml file actually do? I see you lowered the "strength" values, but what does that do?
  4. is this included in the 2013 mod everyones waiting for? or will I need download this too
  5. It improves loss of car parts at different speeds, low mid or high speed.

    Not included, it will be an add-on to that mod.
    New database is included in 2013 season mod, but that will be patched in here too.
  6. Awesome just one question, why make a damage mod when there is already a damage mod which is awesome?Not critism your work Demy but it's meaningless.
  7. Can you update this mod to match the driver's nationalities?Or do i have to manually edit that?
  8. Damage is 2 seconds work. :p
    Cromiell did a great job. But he didnt made a damage mod for particular car parts, just damage overall. ;)
  9. So can you merge the 2 mods with your loose_parts_settings and Cromiell's one?Maybe two of you can do a great job?And what about the flags of the drivers?are those updated too?
  10. Hi Demy and Thank's for All Yours Works.... I have to asked you one question. Can I use This Realism Mod With Mr.Pibbs 2013 MOD? Thanks in Advance For Your Answer :)
  11. I think you can, you should try it and let me know! ;)
  12. ok.... now i try and then i told you.... Thanks Again Demy...
  13. now tyre scaling. Please!!!!!!!!!
  14. I did that in 2012, will do in the 2013 version. Just wait for v1tek to release the 2013 season mod and it will be here.

  15. Improves it how? More detail please :p
  16. If you run into the AI at low speed the loss wil be less than on high speed. You can motivate this by changing those values. Thats what I did. ;)
  17. Interesting...
    Do you know which car part in the file equals which car part in the game? For instance I see there's a CARW, CAR_WING, and CAR_SPOILER...do you know which is which?

    I also saw you increased the strength values for CAR_SPOILER while you decreased strength values for the other 2, how come?

    Last question...what is the "sparks hardness" setting?
  18. Hi all, this is my first post here.
    I wanted to share my experience so far with this awesome mod.

    I just finished the Monaco race in my carreer which I started in a Marussia (NEVER EVER AGAIN) and came in on 4th place. Even if I wasnt able to the pace, I profited on two safetycar appearances. I could fit my pitstop perfectly in one of those sessions. But the main reason for beeing 4th was the carnage on the track. Only 9 cars finished the GP. Parts were flying everywhere.

    I really liked that realistic Monaco experience and the race really felt more "alive". With your mod the car feels more like a "carbon sculpture" which will break even on slightest mechanical forces.

    Great Mod, I really enjoy it! THX for your work Demy!
  19. Demy van Zoggel no thoughts on the below questions?

  20. Your damage mod is similar to Cromiell's?And can you merge the two mods to one?Maybe this wil give the best result:)