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Skins F1 2013 Monster Ferrari 1.1

Thats Good :D

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  1. realitychecked


    Just no... disgusting. Make it burn good, doesn't deserve/need to exist. :sick:
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  2. Lesley Buurlage

    Lesley Buurlage

    It's called monster ferrari, but i don't see monster logo. And puma is sponsor of ferrari so there will never be nike on the car
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  3. monsters on the nose
  4. A lot better than i could've done! :thumbsup: Keep it up :)
  5. And also you changed carbon to red.
    Keep it as it is.
  6. Dávid Dzema

    Dávid Dzema
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    please, more pictures :)
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