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F1 2013 mod conversion by BMT

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by thunderbladerc, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. BMT - Balordo Modding Team


    F1 2013 v0.99

    This mod is a complete conversion from others mods, for rfactor and race 07.
    I converted and edited this mods:
    - F1 2011 for race 08 by F1 RFT
    - WCP series 2012 for rfactor
    - ERRC Liga 2013 for Rfactor

    - unpack files
    - make a backup of your files especially of UIData folder or make a clean intallation of your game
    - copy on race07 main folder
    - enjoy








    this is a beta version, many things came from 2012 models

    The mod includes:
    - hd tyre textures
    - hd external drivers
    - motec and leds in cockpit view
    - mirrors in cockpit view
    - talent pack 2013 updated
    - different engine sounds for each team
    - rainlighs
    - backfires
    - tyre selector tool
    - offline - online mode

    tyre selector tool:
    - run Mod_Setup_jsgme.exe before run the game and choice a compound, then click ">" to install, choice one compound at time

    offline - online mode
    - run Mod_Setup_jsgme.exe before to run the game and choice offline or online mode then click ">".
    Online mode means same physics for all teams

    know issues:
    - helmets are not updated to 2013 season
    - no kers
    - no drs
    - no intermediate compound (AI Cars never use this)

    thanks to:
    - SimBin for Game
    - RFT Sompir for 2011 mod and physics
    - WCP Series for 2012 models and sound
    - ERRC Liga for 2013 updated models

    please comment and contact me for everything


    thunderbladerc, 31/10/2013


    Download links are avaible on my new Blog, Sim Racing section:
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  2. Codemasters Cars :D
  3. Hello Thanks seems fine but how to avoid the helmet?
  4. for more time i just hope what some guy made some mod ..(openwheel)......just douwnload for moment .. thx for it:)