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Misc F1 2013 Mod by Klodian Stafa (SKYFALL SESON MOD ADD ON) 5.1 - Germany

F1 2013 Add On Mod ( Database, Cars, Language, Track, ect.)

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  1. Hi, thanks for this. However flashback become 0 in my game.
    Where do I wrong?
    First I changein career setting difficulty to medium, then change gear to manual and suggested, then change rules to realistic and damage to full.
    Hence I have 0 flashback in the game
  2. You change game difficulty or AI difficulty because you shouldnt change AI difficulty i tried all difficulties and they work
    But anyway ill see it again

  3. Hi i saw it and didnt have any problem but i think that it is a little bit confusing it should work but anyway if you really want 50 or more flashbacks ( 99 max ) you should follow those steps:

    1. Open the database > difficulty table > change the flashbacks column from top to bottom so it reads as: 4, 3, 2, 1, 1 then save the database

    2. Go into the game, then into the difficulty options, and choose a difficulty preset (don't change anything), exit out and save (don't do a race, don't do anything else, just exit the game after saving.)

    3. Now open the database again > difficulty table. Find the "flashbacks" column and change each entry to 50 or whatever number you want...I'm not sure if it can handle 3-digit numbers, so best not to go above 99
    Save the database.

    4. Launch F1 2012, go into the options, and set your driving assists and AI difficulty as you prefer BUT DON'T TOUCH THE FLASHBACKS. Don't even scroll down to it. It should show as "4", but the left/right arrows next to the "4" should both be grayed out. This means it's working. If you touch the flashbacks setting, you'll have to start all over again.

    5. Exit out of the settings menu so it autosaves your settings, and go race with 50+ flashbacks
  4. Thanks, the flashbacks work!
    However right now I tried 50% career race and the tyre wear is so bad, I was in catalunya and on lap 20 I already pit 3 times all prime tyres, while the AI still just 1 pit.
  5. Hi i found the problem.
    There are 3 types of tyre wear level for tracks and highest number is 3
    1 and 2 was fine i set them negative number and in highest tyre wear level i forgot the - before the number so in sepang suzuka monza and catalonya there will be more tyre wear but in next week maybe after SkyFall update i'll change almoast everything in tyre wears ai braking ai speed see all tracks one by one so hope next week will be a bigger uptade after canada race

    maybe ill add ultrasoft i'll see
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2016
  6. Hi
    i am using a mac and after installing this mod f1 2013 crashes at startup.
    Can anyone help me ?
  7. =
    Hi this mod works if you have installed SkyFall season mod before and make shure you use a clean install of game and dont mix up to many mods

    never tried on mac i think it should work anyway
  8. Thank you for the fast answer. Is SKYFALL F1 2016 Season MOD 1.4 the correct one ? When i install that one it crashes 2.

    Sorry for my noobness
  9. it is correct its a little wierd maybe your graphics are low
    you need at least 4gb ram 512mb of vram ( maybe 256mb are ok too but with nid you'll need higher graphics ) and 2.4 GHz proccesor
    for Mac of course

    see your graphics and if they are ok reinstall the game and see if it works
  10. Thanks for your reply. I fresh installed the game many times and tried installing the mod many times. I use a macbook early 2015.
    I think i have bad luck. :(

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  11. i think you have a good pc and it keeps f1
    maybe mac cant handle mod i dont know
  12. Klodian Stafa updated F1 2013 AI Mod for SkyFall 2016 Season Mod with a new update entry:

    My Very First Big Update, Tyres, Tracks, Database, Language, ect.

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  13. Good Job, and I don´t know why people gives anonym one or two star ratings. Is it hating? This is not a nice turn. Let it please. I think Klodian is a good modder and that is the price. Comment the mod or let it, but please give no low ratings to the modder if it is hard and good work.
  14. Is Milan a real Verstappen :))
  15. Thanks a lot NeffO76 i really appreciate your review it is my first mod and i did my best
    about other reviews
    i dont care a lot anyway everyone has his way of thinking
    i do mods not that others to give 5 stars but for fun so
  16. Klodian Stafa updated F1 2013 Mod by Klodian Stafa (SKYFALL SESON MOD ADD ON) with a new update entry:

    Problems Fixed

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  17. Klodian Stafa updated F1 2013 Mod by Klodian Stafa (SKYFALL SESON MOD ADD ON) with a new update entry:

    Updated Cars and Performance

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