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Skins F1 2013 Mercedes Texture Update 1.3

New texture for mercedes 2013, but the reality of what I did next. the original this much clear.

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  1. Just played the Mercedes before adding this mod, then installed it and played again. The difference is incredible...it now looks like the real deal instead of that horrid colour!!! Stunning work mate, thankyou so much.
  2. ;)
  3. Light and good :thumbsup:
  4. But the texture is not even HD, the textures of F1 2013 for me this exellent, HD textures leave the game too heavy, I prefer the original texture.

    But thanks for the tip, I do talves year comes in HD.
  5. reat contribution thank you very much. I also wanted to make a request if I could do hrt skin and replace it with the marussia or caterham, thanks

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  6. Not entendir friend!:unsure:
  7. if you could do the same but replacing Marussia or skin caterham by HRT, thanks
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  8. Sorry, I'm just doing it in F1 2013, but I'll try .
  9. I mean not if you replace marussia by caterham or HRT skin in the game f1 2013 ok, thank you
  10. replace Marussia o Caterham by HRT F1 en 2013
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  11. chianamik

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  12. you are crazy ? this is mercedez bens paint -is SILVER- mate !!
  13. would be the ideal color of a matte maclaren ;)
  14. I guess the problem lies with CM's original. Their grey Mercedes paint colour is terrible by default, so only darkening the cars, you're just making them dark grey rather than the silver they should be. They're not called the silver arrows for nothing.:roflmao:
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  15. I'm trying to find the ideal color, is not only darken or lighten colors, and a combination of colors to get the perfect, I'm doing this ..