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F1 2013 - Logitech G27 Settings

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Alex Brumpton, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. Ahh, I asked this question on the mod section. I use the Roberta real FFB Mod on 2012. Are you saying I can use this mod on 2013? I'm not too clued up with PC stuff, if so that's exactly what I am after.
  2. Its only 1 file in your Steam/steamapps/common/f12013/forcefeedback/effectsetup.xml

    make a backup of effectsetup.xml,..and start dropping in the f12012 ffb files till you find one that feels good to you. play around with the ingame ffb settings each time you drop in a different one. Be sure to try setting the ingame wheel weight to 0%, I find this setting very strange.
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  3. FakeRacer
    Thanks for the quick response, I've tried it and it works perfectly. Yes I always had weight at zero because even without the mod it feels weird on corner exit like false wheel tightening. I'm so happy 2012 FFB works with 2013 feels like a better game already!
    I was using low Tarmac version too on 2012, may try medium tarmac just to see what the difference is like.

    Great no more silly mid corner wheel going light business when I still have grip! Much, much better.
    BTW I'm using DFGT, but still works great for me. Have you changed your profiler settings from 2012? I'm sticking with 2012 settings for now and it seem okay.

    Thanks again.
  4. Graham Laing

    ...... mostly harmless

    I just double checked, I had this mod installed in F1 2012, I also have Venom's one in my download folder.

    Unfortunately even though it works just fine and is good in F1 2013, it does not help the un-commanded movements and kicks of the G27 that happen without vsync enabled.

    I am going to make a little video of this .....
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  5. The problem with the frantic FFB on the G27 with F1 2013 was on 2012... but i didnt get that in F1 2012 so it makes me wonder why its appeared now. Its very strange indeed... I'm not too fused about running F1 2013 at 60FPS constantly with V-Sync on though, tbh i dont think it will effect the triple screen setup i'm gonna be buying in a few months either... my GTX 760 (4GB Vram) should be more than enough to run it.
  6. Graham Laing

    ...... mostly harmless

    That will be a nice setup :)

    The only additional thing I have found is that the only other setting I didn't try, fixes the issue too. That is Vsync ON @ 100 hz.

    So a summary for the G27 is this :-

    60 hz - Vsync Off - Bad
    60 hz - Vsync On - Good

    100 hz - Vsync Off - Bad
    100 hz - Vsync On - Good

    120 hz - Vsync Off - Bad
    120 hz - Vsync On - Bad

    The little video I made ....

  7. Ho3n3r

    Premium Member
    Proudly South African

    Is this bug related strictly to 120Hz monitors? I have a 60Hz, with a G27 - and I always have VSync off as I can't drive with the input lag - and it worked 100% in 2012 for me.
  8. Great news, this mod http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/realistic-ffb-v3-0.58040/ saved my life in F1 2012. I didn't expect it to work in 2013 without modification.
  9. Graham Laing

    ...... mostly harmless

    It might very well be only effecting 120hz monitors, I am not sure.

    What I can tell you for sure ....... is without Vsync I might as well dig out my XBox 360 controller, because the wheel is that frigging irritating :D

    * I might, if I have time later, make my 2nd desktop monitor (1080p 60hz) the master, and test again :)
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  10. Graham Laing

    ...... mostly harmless

    I can confirm that when I make my other monitor the primary monitor, then I get the same effect as detailed above @ 60hz on a 60hz monitor.

    Vsync @ 60hz fixes it.
  11. Please may anyone offer their 'Global Device Settings' in addition to their in-game settings for the Logitech G27 Wheel for F1 2013 on PS3?

    It would be a big help, thanks a lot [​IMG]

    // Global Device Settings //

    Overall Effects: XX%
    Spring Effect: XX%
    Damper Effect: XX%
    Centering Spring: Enabled (Y/N) XX%
    Degrees of Rotation: XX

    // In-game //

    Steering deadzone: XX%
    Steering saturation: XX%
    Steering linearity: XX%
    Throttle deadzone: XX%
    Throttle saturation: XX%
    Brake deadzone: XX%
    Brake saturation: XX%

    // Force Feedback //

    Environmental effects: XX%
    Feedback effects: XX%
    Wheel weight: XX%
  12. // Global Device Settings //

    Overall Effects: 110% (helps with the "soft middle")
    Spring Effect: 0%
    Damper Effect: 0%
    Centering Spring: Enabled (N) 0%
    Degrees of Rotation: 360

    // In-game //
    Everything zero

    // Force Feedback //

    Environmental effects: 50%
    Feedback effects: 40%
    Wheel weight: 0% (i'm not clear what this does exactly... i was looking for a hydraulic steering feel but i can't find it... still this seems to get in the way of good feedback so... gone).

    If you edit any button settings, making the control profile go from Logitech G27 to Personal, don't forget to change "Device override" to steering wheel, this is very important.
  13. // Global Device Settings // *** updated 13/12/2013 ***

    Overall Effects: 101%
    Spring Effect: 100%
    Damper Effect: 100%
    Centering Spring: (N) 0%
    Degrees of Rotation: 225°
    Allow game to adjust : on

    // In-game //

    Steering deadzone: 0%
    Steering saturation: 0%
    Steering linearity: 3%
    Throttle deadzone: 0%
    Throttle saturation: 0%
    Brake deadzone: 0%
    Brake saturation: 0%

    // Force Feedback //

    Environmental effects: 10%
    Feedback effects: 10%
    Wheel weight: 0%

    "Device override" to steering wheel
    Vsync ON at 60 Hz
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2013
  14. Victor Ivanov

    Premium Member
    Victor Ivanov

    So I'd like to help a little with my settings. First of all I use Venoms_F1_2012_Force_FeedBack_Road_Feel from the F1 2012 mods and it works nice. My settings are:
    Overall Effects: 110%
    Spring Effect: 0%
    Damper Effect: 0%
    Centering Spring: Enabled (Y) 0%
    Degrees of Rotation: 300
    Allow game to adjust : on
    // In-game //
    Steering deadzone: 1%
    Steering saturation: 0%
    Steering linearity: 0%
    Throttle deadzone: 0%
    Throttle saturation: 0%
    Brake deadzone: 2%
    Brake saturation: 0%
    // Force Feedback //
    Environmental effects: 10%
    Feedback effects: 100%
    Wheel weight: 30%
  15. Graham Laing

    ...... mostly harmless

    Thanks @Victor Ivanov :)

    @venom16000 @Roberto Costa

    Both Venom's FFB mod and Roberto's Realistic FFB mod were lost when the old microdownloaded system was removed, leaving dead links in their original threads.

    I have re-hosted these file to allow users to download either mod, and updated the download links in the original F1 2012 threads. Hopefully both of the guys don't mind the mods being re-hosted. Please contact me if you don't want this to continue, assuming you see that I have tagged you both.

    Venom's mod here
    Roberto's mod here
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  16. But,it's far from being a final solution !
  17. Graham Laing

    ...... mostly harmless

    Yes, this is a workaround to give you a usable wheel. I don't like Vsync, and I don't use it in other games. I have never had video tearing on any monitor, so have never needed it.

    I want my games to run free. I didn't buy a 120hz monitor and a decent graphics card just so I could lock the output at some arbitrary rate. :)

    CM need to get their ass in gear (they can use my gear stick) and fix the G27's FFB, other publishers with smaller budgets can do it (take a bow Reiza Studios).
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2013
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  18. Chris Stacey

    Premium Member
    Chris Stacey
    Ambition over Adhesion.

    My settings work very well for me. The main benefit being the 275 degrees of rotation, as it practically mimics the wheel motion on screen.

    Logitech Profiler:
    Overall Effects: 99%
    Spring Effect: 0%
    Damper Effect: 0%
    Centering Spring: Enabled (Y) 0%
    Degrees of Rotation: 275
    Allow game to adjust : on

    In Game:
    Steering deadzone: 1%
    Steering saturation: 0%
    Steering linearity: 0%
    Throttle deadzone: 0%
    Throttle saturation: 15%
    Brake deadzone: 0%
    Brake saturation: 20%

    Override Input: Steering Wheel

    Force Feedback
    Environmental effects: 100%
    Feedback effects: 100%
    Wheel weight: 50%
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  19. Ok, I am still having problems setting my G27 wheel, just I did in F1 2012. Never had any such problems in F1 2011.

    So it seems the game is "dynamically" adjust the ratios proportional to my speed.

    If I keep my physical wheel at 60º to the right lets say, at 240kmph the in-game wheel is only at lets say 30º. But as the speed drops, you can see how the in-game wheel keeps turning more and more to the right, reaching 40º, 50º, 60º as speed drops to hairpin turn (~100kmph), all this while my physical G27 wheel always stays at 60º.

    How does this messes up my driving? It means I have to turn my physical wheel a lot more just to take shallow turns at high speed that I am used to. While at lower speed, that same amount of turn of my physical wheel, gives me a more aggressive turn.

    The wheel ratio should be bolted to my wheels. If I turn 45º to the right, my wheels should always turn a certain amount to the right, not being dynamic depending on my speed.

    Am I making sence? Can anyone help me find a solution
  20. Graham Laing

    ...... mostly harmless

    I think you should try adjusting your wheel's linearality settings. Try it at 0℅, 50℅, and 100% to get a base line. Then adjust from there as you see how those settings effected your wheel