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F1 2013: General Setups Discussion

Discussion in 'F1 2013 Setups' started by M Theory, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. The game is a couple of days old, release-wise. It is already becoming clear to me that setups from the 2012 game are not much good in 2013 (unless you like drift). Understeer it seems to me is much less of a factor, which makes for us all who were trying to combat it in 2012 facing traction as the first issue in 2013.

    So I hope the mods will allow a new topic thread for a strategic level level discussion on this aspect.

    I'm still in Australia (logging on Xbox as McTheory90) and am turning down those mechanical turn-in 9-9s, cambers etc and turning up downforce.
  2. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    No, we don't. Please avoid creating new threads in the setup subforum. This thread has been moved to a more appropriate place, please continue discussing this matter here.


    Edit: this thread has been converted to a more general setup discussion thread, as suggested by @M Theory - enjoy!
  3. There was a General Setups Discussion thread started by Steve Lambert n the 2012 setups sub-forum. Maybe you could either start one or re-title this post and position it there?
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  4. Tom

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    Actually, this is an excellent idea.

    Done. :thumbsup:
  5. Please add the tyre wear to the templates. like:

    "how much laps can you drive with this setup (option): xx"
    "how much laps can you drive with this setup (prime): xx"

    "how much laps can you drive with this setup (inters): xx"
    "how much laps can you drive with this setup (wets): xx"
  6. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    I've merged this with a more appropriate thread. Please do not create new threads in the setup subforum. :)

  7. I seem to be struggling with set ups in this game. I found f1 2012 needed more skill to drive around a lap fast. In the new game I am finding that its just full fast forward... You can power out of corners so easily in the new game.

    Are set ups from f1 2010 or 2011 more suitable for the new f1 2013 game?

    Thoughts and opinions if anyone has done any test on this.
  8. The anti-roll bars and aero are the things who make the biggest influence in car behaviour and lap times.
    Aero needs some thought this time, though low still is a reasonable way to go.

    A car with soft anti-roll bars feels a bit lazy but can be "hustled" around the corner and still have great traction, a car with stiff roll bars is feels tighter but more temperamental, which is what one would expect from roll bars.
    The 2012 tactic of soft front and stiff back has produced terrible results for me on normal tracks.

    Stiffer springs also give you a bit more response at the cost of some traction, but it's effect is a lot more subtle than the anti-roll bars, the car doesn't feel that different.

    Once in a Codemasters game cranking camber didn't give me instant laptimes, maybe there is a downside this year? I was locking up my brakes a lot more with high camber (less longitudinal grip? could it be?).
    I gotta say there is strong possiblity i was tired and feeling sleepy when i was doing back to back camber tests.

    Very interested in hearing what you guys think, cheers!!!!
  9. I share your oppinion and the statements of yours about anti-roll bars and springs,and generally i think this years setups are more affective to the actual driving modell and for the race cars handling too, it seems to me there is a wider range to "play' with setups becaulse they are more likely to affect on the track. For me, the 'aero-wing angle' changes less on the car behaviour than last year, the overall aero grip seems to better to me, and i have never drove an f1 car but i think it is closer to real life. In my oppinion, this years keys are the camber and toe setting, becaulse the main thing is traction again, and the key is to open the throttle earlier and earlier than last time. :) So finding the balance between negative camber on the front and rear, but also giving enough surface for the rears to grip with toe settings could be the key for me. Springs are stiffer in the front for me at 95% of times, again becaulse of rear traction and grip,relative too stiff rear could make instabil rear on bumps and fast chains of corners.
    Maybe your lock-up was becaulse too negative camber on front, surface of the tyres contact with the track relatively less becaulse of negative degree,and you relatively brake with just the inner side of the tyre, which is good for the turning but bad for brakeing.
    Agree or disagree?
    Actually i enjoy the game, in my mind there is a great progress that the game made this year, congrats developers.
  10. David White

    David White

    I haven't played since 2011 but now have 2013 and want to start working on creating my own set ups. Something that I have never tried before.

    Is anyone able to provide some advice?

    The questions I have in my mind at the moment are;

    - What is the best game mode to use when working in a set up?

    - Is there a base set up that you should start from and does that differ from track to track?

    - what should you start working on first? Aero, ARB, Springs, Ride height?

    Many thanks.
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  11. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    If you are new to making your own setups please read our setup guide first to understand the basics of what you are about to be changing on your car.

    However please do keep in mind that "setups" in this game haven't got much to do with real racing physics like in realistic simracing games. You are mainly tweaking the parameters of a setting that CM provides.

    Check out the setup guide here: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/f1-2013-car-setup-guide.73597/
  12. David White

    David White

    Thanks Bram.

    I looked at the guide that helps with my 3rd question.

    My other 2 questions are a bit more game specific which are not covered in the guide so was wondering what advice racedepartment members could give.
  13. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    The game mode depends on the need. If you are after a TT setup the time trial is the best session. Of course the same applies for the other modes.

    Best tip I can give is to start with changing absolutely nothing at first. Drive as much laps as you can until you know the track, the lines, the brakingpoints and the corners.

    Rule of thumb: drive 10 consecutive laps within a 0.5 second margin. Only then start to apply changes to the car and in this game it doesn't really matter where you start with your changes.
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  14. David White

    David White

    Thanks again Bram, I am now pretty confident I will be starting in the right foot.

    I plan to do set ups for Career first.
  15. You're right for TT, but driving 10 consecutive laps within 0.5 seconds is undoable in every other mode. You're forgetting one major factor Bram, AI!!! It's impossible to drive 10 cosecutive laps without them getting in your way somehow as in the Practise 3 session the AI is driving qually-laps and the player is 5 to 10 seconds slower because hes trying to work out a setup. And that's excactly why we need P1 & P2 back in this game, but well enough has been said about this subject in the past.
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  16. Just reading this thread makes me eagerly await the release for the 360. I've seriously considered hooking my pc up to my tv and use my Fanatec wheel. But this is my only PC lol

    Man, from the sounds of it the setups actually do make sense this year. I was just playing 2012 and the setups are a bit wonky to me. I tried to keep them as real as possible but for me it was possible to have incredibly low rear wing and incredibly high front wing without a hit of oversteer.

    So by the sounds of it they have improved the suspension geometry and how it translate to wheel feel. Very cool! Perhaps we could incorporate the latest Redbull traction/torque control system? hah!
  17. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    No they don't :)
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  18. villota marie dead.
  19. hi I'm new on this site but I've been playing f1 for the last 3 years. and now I wonder if the adjustments on the alignement setups for toe front and rear eg 0.15 and 0.50 has always been on the far left side but since f1 2013 it's on the far right side.
    on purpose or a bug ?
    Can somebody reply please ??
  20. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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    Welcome to the website :)

    There is one sticky thread for general setup discussions.


    No other threads are allowed in the this forum, apart from the ones already there for specific setups at designated tracks.

    The upshot is, please don't create threads in the setup forum, just use the threads that are available currently. Thanks :)

    /thread closed