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F1 2013 Full Of Bugs...

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by fanpapad, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Dear friends, playing this game since last Friday, in Career mode (25%), AIs Professional, with Williams, gamepad, I have discovered plenty of bugs, this is outrageous and I am furious with a game, that I paid € 50. The bugs are as follows:

    -Tyres are having massive wear, the wets & intermediates only last 3-4 laps, the dry (options-primes) ones 4-5 laps. (In AIs last forever...)
    -In Monaco GP, the Safety Car, came out 5 times, in dry conditions and I, only saw the chequered flag.
    -In Monaco GP, the AIs, kept going straight, after the end of the tunnel, they did not turn.
    -In Hungarian GP, I started first, I finished first, but the second car, was 3 minutes behind me, in wet conditions. All the cars were keeping getting off the track in the second section.
    -Your Race Engineer, suggests you either intermediates or wets, in a race and when you follow their instructions while pitting, after exiting the pits, they announce you, that you do not have the appropriate set of tyres.
    -In Singapore GP, in wet weather, the AIs, do not pit.
    -In some races the AIs, are extremely hard to cope with, like they are Experts or Legends.
    -If you try to Mid Save the game over 5 times, the game crashes.
    -While the Safety Car is out, your race engineer, asks you to use KERS.
    -The AIs, while only Professional, some times crashed on me, without any reason.
    -Some times, on a huge crash, the Safety Car, does not come out, though it comes out for more minor crashes.
  2. lol how do you get the ai to crash in races?
  3. Tyre wear for me is fine. I am pretty good at looking after the tyres I have managed to find a good balance between light throttle and good lap times.

    I havent had a wet race yet I'm not so good with wet races the AI always seems to fast for me finishing is a win for me but it is always about delicate throttle application.

    I would suggest you up your distance to 50% it gives a more realistic race and most people have the time to do it. If not then there is mid session save. If you are going to use it after a little while I suggest you have a few laps on another mode before jumping straight back into the action just to freshen you up again.

    Why are you mid session saving more than 5 times in one session? seems like overkill.

    Personally I think it is only a matter of time before Codies give us the tyres that they are holding back from us. With tyre wear as it is (near realism). Sounds like wet tyres need a bit of tweeking. If codies dont do it then im sure there will be a mod along shortly.

    Safety cars are improved but they are by no means perfect some crashes wont activate the SC system but in general they are better. Give it a patch and they might be better.

    You say you finished 3 min ahead in one wet race but then you complain you cant finish a race because you dont have enough wet tyres....... Surely you need to look at setups here dont use a dry set up and expect to be able to run Wets for the whole race.

    Using KERS behind the SC is common. F1 drivers do it. They need to discharge the batteries otherwise the system overheats. You may Get KERS failures more often if you dont fully discharge it. The only time I got KERS failures in 2012 was when I was leading and got into a rhythm and completely forgot KERS.

    Lastly Tyre wear is generally going to be higher if you are using a gamepad because you have less control over throttle/ brakes and steering. Its much more immediate. If you like racing consider investing in a wheel it will make games like this much more rewarding and it doesnt cost you that much.
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  4. @William Mills Dear friend, I tested the mid save to see what is happening and it keeps crashing. I did not complaint I could not finish a race because I ran out of wets. I said, that in Singapore, in wet conditions, the AIs did not pt at all. My race engineer did not ask me to discharge the KERS, he asked me to use KERS to improve my pace...while behind Safety Car. In F1 2012, I did not have any of the above prolems.
  5. Sorry not sure where I got the running out of wets thing from.....

    Being asked to use KERS isn't exactly a major issue just ignore it. You dont have to do everything the engineer tells you after all. Yes its a bit of an odd message but it certainly isnt a game ending bug. Same goes for putting the tyres that they ask you to put on you dont have to do it. It is always up to you to decide the best tyre for the conditions.

    Just stick with it there are always small bugs to iron out and small annoyances they will improve. If you aren't happy with the game put it down come back to it after the first patch and see if things are better.

    Im not saying you aren't justified but things are a lot better bug wise than they were this time last year and the year before that!
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  6. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I Agree with you on the tyre wear I think it's excellent in 2013, far improved from anything we had previously.

    Not quite sure what you mean in the highlighted part though? Have you heard of any plans to change them? I hope they don't mess with it too much, espcially as a n Xbox user where we have no control at all over things patched into the game.
  7. Sorry to clarify I mean that in every weekend there is a set of each tyres greyed out because they don't let us have P1 and P2 so for me a compromise would be to allow us to use the tyres that they have previously not let us have. I dont know about you but with not knowing what sort of tyre strategy to expect on race day I would really like to have that extra set to practice with just to get a better feel of how to look after them.
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  8. I was doing a 25% Grand Prix of Canada & when it got time for the pit-stops, half the cars that entered the pits didn't go out again and they remained there until the end of the race!

    Don't know if it was only a once-off "bug" as it hasn't happened again...
  9. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    I always thought the tyres were greyed out because they were the race tyres, but your saying it's because there is no P1 or P2? Interesting.

    Back to the topic, I haven't found the game buggy on the xbox, doing career and co-op going well so far.
  10. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    No he's right Gav, those are the tyres you have to give back after P1 and P2.

    Think this is one of those times when it's good to be on the Xbox :)
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  11. Because I skip this error? I closed the game with those messages.

  12. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    please confirm this bug :

    Go to TT,choose monza,go to track .... no sound !!!

    Pause the game restart session, and you have sound !
  13. Dear Friends, yesterday I finished my 1st season in F1 2013 Career mode with Williams, AIs Professional, no driving assists, 25% distance. I won 16 races of the season. In the rest races too many bugs (e.g. in Singapore and in Spain, under wets conditions, the AIs, did not pit), occured, preventing me of winning.

    Red Bull signed me for next season. Now the things turned to be totally different. I have finished the first 3 races, with P1 in qualifying and P1 in Race. The dirrefence to the second car, is a...century...40-60 seconds in every race. There is NOT massive tyre wear to either Wets or Drys. I assume, this happends because i now drive for Red Bull and not for Williams any more.
  14. In my opinion you are driving on the wrong difficulty for your skill level....... You shouldn't be winning 16 races of a season in a Williams. Are you even enjoying the game on that difficulty?

    @misterbeam No issues doing that at my end.
  15. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    Are you on PC ? thanks for looking into it :)

    i also noticed that in TT,cars can have rich mix failures causing lower top speeds,it's not supposed to be like this in time trial as far as i'm concerned ... or have is missed something ?!
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2013
  16. this game is sh** with mods is 2012 much more better

    the car slips in almost every curve.
    the punishment is too sensitive
    after ours of test... just frustration
  17. @William Mills Dear friend, I think the Expert or Legend AIs would be really close to me and I will not enjoy the game, because I should be 100% perfect in every lap of my game. I use gamepad. Professional AIs, are the right ones for me.
  18. So basically F1 2013=F1 2012+Bugs
    Got it.
  19. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    Well,i don't want to be a drama queen ... but let's say that the game is in a bad shape for now :

    - The force feedback needs to be reworked ,i mean deeply ... but i don't expect it to reach rFactor level (sorry for the comparison),since the game is based on scripted and not an actual simulation models ... maybe i am wrong too.

    - The audio is not the best,especially downshifting sounds ... just terrible !
    - The cars are too fast in some tracks like Melbourne .
    - The spin-kerb bug is back !!!!

    And a lot of small bugs ...
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  20. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Well I have to say that the problems you refer to are not apparent so far in the Xbox version. It's been a very solid release from my experience so far. Force feedback in particular has moved on another level from anything we have had before.
    Spin kerb bug, definitely not seen that at all.
    More than happy with the sound of the game too.

    Seems most of these problems are in the PC version.
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