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Skins F1 2013 flat-nosed sauber 1.0

mclaren based sauber

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  1. hey. did you work on the marussia based mclaren with the mclaren steering wheel yet ? if no would be great
  2. currently working on it, but i don't know if i'm able to get the real mclaren wheel on it but i do wat i can
  3. thank you very much. would be more than fantastic
  4. How you skin the mclaren model?
  5. it's the one from mungopark
  6. repainted it in photoshop
  7. i have a problem.There are 3 mclarens now.Hulkenberg is driving for mclaren too
  8. that's strange, is it the real mclaren or just the mclaren model? maybe screenshot?
  9. now its fixed.the drivers are driving for their teams but sauber skin is strange.i would like to backup the nose as it was cause a lot of erros with this mod.maybe you can upload for me sauuber nose as it was before,cause i totally forgot to back up my files.
  10. Hows the mclaren going? Is it finished before F1 2013?
  11. i think it is, but especially the nose is hard to look good so that's taking some time
  12. And do you think youll get the steering wheel of mclaren into it?
  13. Hey man,did you managed to fix your Flat Nosed-Mercedes Mod?
  14. not sure
  15. i hasn't appeared in my game yet but when i find what's wrong i fix it
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  16. the livery is finished, but due to a issue in photoshop i'm not able to save it as dds and test it, so it's taking a little longer
  17. sorry, it doesn't fit so no original wheel :(
  18. oooh...
    But its fine im happy when youve finished it