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Skins F1 2013 Ferrari Texture Update 1.0

New texture Ferrari in 2013 but the next reality.

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  1. Oooh pretty! Nice work mate. Do you know if there's any drop in FPS with this? I play on an ultrabook so while the game runs fine, I can't run higher resolutions (I run at 1280x720), so I've been avoiding graphics mods like the plague since I don't want my FPS to drop too low lol
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  2. Not! the same texture of the original game, Original FPS game.
  3. Benutzername

    Online Martini Racing - Founder and driver

    Its not downloading by me -.-
  4. Not entendir friend!
  5. Benutzername

    Online Martini Racing - Founder and driver

    What do you mena? Entendir?
  6. It's not downloading for me either from MediaFire. I tried on my work PC and home PC (both on different ISPs)...I'm assuming that's an issue with MediaFire though.

    Maybe upload it again marcusm?
  7. Benutzername

    Online Martini Racing - Founder and driver

    No, the Mercedes upload worked fine
  8. Thanks:thumbsup:
  9. Downloadlink? 11-11-2013 It's a joke!;):):sneaky:

  10. Here is lowering normal household problem may be even in Mediafire
  11. Not entendir friend!
  12. Sorry marcusm !!! In Germany is carneval opening. The downloadlink is for me not working
    Look at te smilies!!!!!!!!!
  13. :thumbsup:
  14. I can not download
  15. Ha,ha, other have the same problem;);););););););););););););););)
  16. I think that having some problem in server MediaFire, we expect ..
  17. nice,!!!

    but why no i cant download guys!!!?¡

    thank you!!
  18. there must be a server problem, or I'm coming down, let's wait:thumbsdown:
  19. D
    Link still does not work. Could you upload it on Racedepartment?;)
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