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Misc f1 2013 day to night mod for all tracks 2014-08-08

Day to night races for all tracks

  1. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    If I was a noob to F1 2013 modding, how could I find the correct place to copy the files into? :roflmao:

    Srsly, you should explain it better, or copy these files into every track directory, and then release it as a .rar file. Some pictures to prove this would also be cool

    To anyone downloading this mod, I know 2 glitches that may happen:
    1) All weather is like Abu Dhabi (proof: I had these files copied for my Brazil race, but removed them mid-race, and from fully dry, it went to heavy rain after a mid-session save)
    2) With no floodlights around the track, it's a bit impossible to see in the dark. I don't know does the track get lighter, cuz I removed it mid-race, cuz I couldn't see anything except the 3D Racing Line (assist... :unsure: )
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  2. ok I explain it a bit more but these files only for the sky.
    and yes there will be lights dont worry
  3. doesnt work
  4. you probably didnt put it to the right place.

    put it to steam/steamapps/common/f12013/tracks/circuits and then paste it to any track what you want
  5. i have done that but still doesn't work
  6. your fault then :D

    sorry :)
  7. <SNIP>

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  8. terms of license you hurt me for no reason
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  9. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

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