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F1 2013 conversion mod

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by BlazingRiCO, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Plan A was to just keep it for myself but on the other hand I might just release it so you can do with it whatever you want (if you use it and release it somehow, I would like to have a small amount of credit for it)

    Okay, what did I change ?
    - Team and driver info (in menu)
    - Driver pictures & names
    - Teams order in menu (to 2013 standards)
    - Correct nationalities
    - Correct default grid position (according to their starting numbers for 2013)
    - Some other stuff I forgot I guess.

    What I couldn't arrange (yet): deletion of HRT, so 22 drivers remain, but in Q3 8 drivers remain in case of 10.

    NOTE: savegames may get corrupt and please backup your files before installing this mod !

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  2. Can i play online with this mod?
  3. Will you update your link, if you find a solution for the Qualifyingproblem?
    And maybe you can tell me, what ou changed (in database)?
  4. Thanks. Will try.
  5. I don't think online play will work since I changed some stuff in db :/

    @Schenk: if I find the solution for the qualifying I will update that ASAP.
  6. A couple of questions. Once you change driver names to the 2013 season, does the Race engineer recognise the changes, or will he refer to Hamilton as Schumacher, Perez as Hamilton, pic as kovalainen etc. If he doesn't recognise the name changes or mention the names of the new drivers during the race it is going to confuse the hell out of me!

    Second question, more of a request really. Are you keeping the same drivers for HRT? If you plan on changing those drivers, I'd request change them to Kubica and Kobayashi.

    Great news! After I finish my full 2012 season, I'll play a full 2013 season according to when each round is hosted.
  7. In the last game no it didn't.But i guess it's the same here.
  8. In database/f1 drivers each driver have "voice" value, i change hamilton for rosberg in mercedes, the game say "hamilton", but in the new drivers say the name of the replaced driver.

    There is a value to made the game didnt say a name? Sorry bad english :laugh:
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  9. For now I just keep the same drivers for HRT yes. But in fact I'm trying to get 22 drivers on the grid. But then qualifying is screwed up (7 drop off in Q3, 7 drop off in Q2 and only 8 remain in Q3). If I find out how to get it too 6 - 6 - 10, I'll update it.
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  10. What happens if you set the values to 0 or 99 ? Anyhow, you can do whatever you want with this mod.
  11. I never try to set this values in 0, i supouse we most try
  12. chianamik


    beautiful work, but I have problems with the database......:-(.....the game crashes if I replace the database......why????????????????????
  13. Maybe its because you use a lower version of the game than the database is for. I used the patch 7 database. I have the latest version of the game installed and it worked with that database. The only thing that might happen is that you lose your savegames.
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  14. Can you tell me which values you changed in the database exactly?
  15. default grid position in f1drivers_f1teams tab

    car_number / nationality_id / stat_previous_year_standing / stats_grand_prix / stats_podiums / stats_pole_positions, stats_wins / stats_world_championships in f1drivers tab,

    stat_championship_wins / stat_constructor_wins / stat_previous_year_standing in f1 teams tab
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  16. you ruined my F**** game!!! it doesn't start!!!
    how can i make it play ,plz respond thx
  17. Already fixed Qualifyingproblem?
  18. hallo BlazingRICO why is the hame of Bianchi wrong?? it is Jules Bianchi but you have Lewis Bianchi And how can i F1_2012 2013-02-23 17-03-54-62.jpg change that?????:p F1_2012 2013-02-23 17-03-54-62.jpg
  19. Ah yes indeed its wrong ! You're 100% right. I checked the language file and at some point you'll see db_nico and db_nico2. One is to change Rosbergs first name, the other one is to change Hulkenbergs name. So I was like let's change. Apparently it doesnt work to get it separately yet.
  20. The names for Rosberg and hulkenberg are mirrored so can't be called separate things.

    Lewis replaces Nico so Hulkenberg becomes Lewis also.
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