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F1 2013 conversion mod

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by BlazingRiCO, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Plan A was to just keep it for myself but on the other hand I might just release it so you can do with it whatever you want (if you use it and release it somehow, I would like to have a small amount of credit for it)

    Okay, what did I change ?
    - Team and driver info (in menu)
    - Driver pictures & names
    - Teams order in menu (to 2013 standards)
    - Correct nationalities
    - Correct default grid position (according to their starting numbers for 2013)
    - Some other stuff I forgot I guess.

    What I couldn't arrange (yet): deletion of HRT, so 22 drivers remain, but in Q3 8 drivers remain in case of 10.

    Note: its pure textual !

    F1 2013 conversion mod
  2. What i most modify to get this two? I made my own 2013 mod, but i dont change the teams order, so can you tell me where? Please

    Thanks :roflmao:

    PS: 1) I cant download it! :( 2) What driver you set for force india 2nd driver?
  3. Can't download.
  4. can't download.
  5. It can not be downloaded because i think he has kept it on test agreement while uploading.
  6. Nice. :O_o:
  7. He'll have to edit his upload and change the agreement type.
    I suppose.
    Only then download can be done.
  8. Does it work now, guys ?
  9. Nope.